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Compress JPG to 200 KB Online with Smallpdf

Compress JPG to 200 KB Online

by Hung Nguyen

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Reduce your JPG to the teeniest size for smooth online submission, using Smallpdf’s online compress tool.

If you call for such a strong compression rate to reduce your JPG’s size to a miniature 200 KB, it’s most likely for the purpose of online submission. Luckily, using Smallpdf, you can decrease even the most compressed JPG file further for this purpose.

How to Compress a JPG Image to 200 KB for Free

  1. Convert the JPG to a PDF first.

  2. On the result page, click ‘Compress’ (under the Download button).

  3. Choose ‘Basic Compression’ and wait for our software to compress the file.

  4. On the next page, click ‘to JPG’ to save the file as an image.

  5. Download your new and compressed JPG.

Compress JPG to less than 200 KB

Drop your JPG's size by over 50% (or more), using this one neat trick.

If you didn’t know, JPG images are already compressed images–which makes them ideal for sharing, but not editing. Every time you save a change, the resulting file will become even more pixelated.

Still, using the most advanced compression level, Smallpdf can push the file size even further, as long as they’re in PDF format. Using our conversion functions will also allow you to upload images and convert them to and from the two file types. Similarly, if you have another image type, such as the larger PNG type, you can always convert it to PDF, compress, and then convert the image as a JPEG file.

What If My JPG Is Still Not Small Enough?


In case you could not compress a JPEG file size to below 200 KB, opt for the ‘Strong Compression’ rate instead. This option requires you to have a Pro account with Smallpdf, but a two-week free trial is always available, for one time users.

If you opt to sign up for a Pro trial, it will also allow you to upload multiple JPGs at once, to both converters and the compress function. With such powerful compression, please also review the output file and look out for distortion post-compression.

Secure Web Processing


We have over 25 million users every month, thanks to our accurate processing power, quick site, and most importantely—the completely secure environment for file compression. We will toss away any files uploaded after one hour and uses military-grade, SSL encryption to protect your JPGs. Check out our Terms and Legal page for more info.

Since Smallpdf is an online web-based platform, feel free to access our website from any device: computers, mobile phones, and even tablets.

And yes, the tools are free for you to get started using! Enjoy using Smallpdf for all your image compressing.

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Content Marketing Manager @Smallpdf