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Convert PPT to PPTX Online for Free

by Hung Nguyen

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Use the Smallpdf converters to save your PPT to PPTX files easily. Join 25+ million users today - no registration is required.

PPTX files are PowerPoint presentations that were released post-2007, alongside the release of PowerPoint 2007. This release coincided with Microsoft’s launch of the first open XML based Office documents, including PowerPoint presentations that were compatible with an even more extensive array of software during its time of release.

If you somehow have a PPT file on-hand and cannot save it to PPTX manually, you can use our converters to quickly save it to PDF format, before changing it to PPTX.

How to convert PPT to PPTX online:

  1. Go to our PPT converter, drag your PPT file inside the tool.

  2. Download the converted file in PDF format.

  3. On the footer, click ‘PDF to PPT’.

  4. Drag the new file into the toolbox, which will now be saved as a PPTX.

  5. Download your new PPTX presentation.


First convert the PPT to PDF, and then to PPTX

Will the content of my file change?


Smallpdf employs the very best PDF libraries on the market, on top of Microsoft Office itself, to convert PPT to PPTX. Once this task has been completed, your slide shows can be viewed on more software than ever, rather than just on the outdated PowerPoint 97 version. Of course, if you have Microsoft Powerpoint itself, you can always open the PPT to save it to PPTX manually. Still, we do understand the hefty price tag of the software, which, not everybody may have the funding to afford a purchase.

Other than PPTX, you may also utilize the many other converters on our platform to save your PPT file to different file formats, including XML formats such as .docx and excel files. All tools follow the same manners, where you upload a document, click convert if needed, and download your files.

Cloud-based PPT to PPTX converter


Smallpdf is a freemium SaaS product. Our service enables users from over 200 countries to convert, compress, and export files from anywhere with an internet connection. As a browser-based app, you can use Smallpdf to convert PPT to PPTX files using any operating system and browser. Furthermore, there is no need to create an account to use such tools for infrequent users.

However, if one has reached their free usage, a ‘Pro’ account is always up for grab, which will remove this limit. More than a handful of other perks are also offered, such as faster upload rate, Optical Character Recognition to extract scanned .ppt documents, and tamper-proof digital sealing. Regardless of the case, all visitors will have access to SSL encryption to protect all file transfers during the time that you employ our service. Our servers will erase the new PPTX along with its original document as well after 60 minutes, in case you question the duration in which they are stored online.


Convert those old .ppt . to .pptx files in in instant

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Content Marketing Manager @Smallpdf