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Convert PPT to PPTX Online for Free

by Hung Nguyen

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Use the Smallpdf converters to save your PPT to PPTX files easily. Join millions of monthly users today—no registration, no cost!

Ever wondered what a PPTX file is? PPTX files are PowerPoint presentations that were created after 2007, alongside the release of PowerPoint 2007. Microsoft launched the first open XML-based Office documents, including PowerPoint presentations, that were compatible with even more types of software at the time.

Now, this all happened over 15 years ago. In case that you have a file with the outdated ending .ppt on hand and can’t figure out how to save it to PPTX manually, we've got you covered! Simply visit our PDF converters to quickly save it to PDF format, then convert it to PPTX.

How To Convert PPT to PPTX Online

  1. Drag & Drop your file into our PPT converter.

  2. Click on “Export As” and choose “PowerPoint.”

  3. Wait for the tool to turn the PDF back to PowerPoint.

  4. Et voilà! Download your new PPTX presentation.

2023-10-16 - Convert PPT to PPTX Online for Free

Seamlessly turn your .ppt into a .pptx file

Will the Content of My File Change?


Nope! When you convert PPT to PPTX, the contents of your file will stay exactly the same. The only difference will be the file ending, as we’ve changed to format from PPT to PPTX. Also, once you've converted your PPT, your slideshows can be viewed on even more software than ever and not just on the outdated PowerPoint 97 version.

Of course, if you have the Microsoft Office suite, which includes PowerPoint, you can always open the PPT to save it to PPTX manually. But we know the hefty price tag of the software means that not everyone will want to pay for it. And even if you do, Smallpdf involves less clicking and a very easy-to-use user interface.

Cloud-based PPT to PPTX Converter


Smallpdf is a free SaaS product. We help users from nearly every country in the world to convert, compress, and export files from anywhere with an internet connection. As a browser-based app, you can use Smallpdf to convert PPT to PPTX files on any operating system and browser. Plus, you don't even have to create an account!

For limited daily usage, Smallpdf is free to use. In case you do reach the free usage limit, you can either wait until tomorrow or create a Pro account. Becoming a Smallpdf Pro user comes with many advantages, including the removal of the usage limit and benefits like batch processing, faster upload speeds, and a strong compression mode.

Regardless of account type, everyone has access to TLS encryption to protect all file transfers. Our servers will erase the new PPTX along with its original document after 60 minutes for added safety and security.

Converting To Other Formats


Other than PPTX, you can also choose from many other formats to convert your PowerPoint file into. We have a bunch of different converters on our platform to save your PPT file in XML formats, like .docx and Excel files, or even JPG. All tools follow similar steps, where you upload a document, convert it, and download the result.

Check out our wide range of tools via our tool page, and if you have any questions or concerns, we’re just an email away!

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Senior Growth Marketing Manager @Smallpdf