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Convert Google Doc to PDF Online for Free

by Hung Nguyen

Convert any Google Doc to PDF format with Smallpdf, the most popular online PDF converter. Alternatively, learn how to so from Google Drive.

Google Docs is fantastic, and there's virtually no slowdown to its growth.

Although Google has made it very easy to share Google Documents with others, there may be times when you would like to share documents without granting third party access to your network drive. For such instances, you can easily convert Google Doc to PDF with our popular PDF converter.

How to convert Google Doc to PDF

With Smallpdf

Just like our Word to PDF converter, creating PDF files from Google Doc is a piece of cake. With Smallpdf, you won't even have to save your Google Doc to your computer before converting it to PDF format. Simply:

  • Access our PDF Converter.

  • Instead of uploading a file, click Google Drive to import your Google Doc to Smallpdf.

Choose file from Google Drive

How to import a file from Google Drive to Smallpdf

  • As soon as you have chosen a Google Doc, it will automatically convert to PDF format for you.

  • Remember to click Download file to save your newly converted PDF file.

  • Alternatively, you can also upload the file back to Google Drive. Easy peasy.😊

With Google Drive

If you didn't know, you could convert Google Doc to PDF format directly from your local Google Drive. Follow the steps below to do so.

  • Open the Google Doc.

  • Click File > Download as > PDF Document (.pdf).

  • Google Drive will save and download the Google Doc as a PDF file for you.

The downside of this is that you cannot save the PDF file directly to your Google Drive. After you convert a Google Doc to PDF and have downloaded it, you have to re-upload the file to Google Drive. Whether you decide to use Google Drive itself or Smallpdf will depend on your needs.

PDF made easy!

With 18 helpful PDF tools and the 'connected workflow function', you can do a few other things with your Google Doc.

  • Merge - after you have converted several Google Doc to PDF format, merge them into one file before uploading it back to Google Drive, or downloading it to your device.

  • Protect - in case you would like to place a password on your new PDF file.

  • Edit - just because the file is in PDF format does not mean that it is not editable.

  • PDF to Word - in case you ever need to convert your file back to Google Doc, use this useful tool.

  • Compress - to reduce the size of your PDF files, for easy emailing or storage.

Document management should be as seamless and efficient as possible in this day and age. Remember to explore our full PDF tool suite, which is free to use. How to convert Google Doc to PDF has never been easier.

Questions, comments or suggestions? Check out our help page or send us an email. We are always happy to help!

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Marketing & Customer Satisfaction Manager
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