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How to Compress Files

by Hung Nguyen

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Free online file compression tool to reduce the size of your PDF, Word, PPT, JPG, or Excel files.

Sending a file via email is one of the most common ways to share files. Unfortunately, most typical email clients have a file size cap of around 20 MB, which is relatively little.

What's the solution to this predicament? Learn how to compress file sizes, without compromising on the quality of your files! We'll cover how to reduce the size of various file types via Smallpdf!

How to Compress Files - PDF


We have the most popular online PDF compression tool. Here's how:

  1. Pop a PDF(s) into our compress tool

  2. Wait for Smallpdf to shrink the file

  3. Download your file

  4. Pro Tip: Carry on working with other tools before downloading it - PDF made easy! You can use these functions too if you wish to convert and save your PDF files in another format

batch compress

Compress multiple files with Smallpdf

How to Compress Files - Word, JPG, PPT and Excel


If you have one of these files on hand and wish to compress them, you can just save the files as PDFs and follow the steps above to compress the file. Afterward, use the PDF converter to convert them back into the original format!

jpg to pdf to compress to jpg

Image Compression



Unsure if how to compress files on Mac or Windows specifically? Unfortunately, as an online platform, you can use via any operating system. That's right - compression of files can be done on Mac, Windows or even Linux. You name it!

Is The File Compression Secure?


Totally! All file transfers adopt secure SSL connections to ensure the safety of your PDF files. Furthermore, we remove these files from our servers an hour after you have used our service to reduce their sizes (they are only kept online this long for you to have enough time to download them).

How to Compress Files - Offline


Introducing the Smallpdf Desktop app - where you can convert, compress and edit PDF files offline. Again, if you wish to compress other file formats, convert them to PDF > compress > switch back to their original format using our converters.

And that's how to compress files, online and offline, on Mac or Windows. Whether you need to compress ppt, compress jpeg or even compress excel files, we've got you covered! Questions? Check out our support page.

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Compression Magic

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
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