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How To Edit a Secured PDF

by Sara Gattoni

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Is it possible to edit a secured PDF? Sure! In this article, we’ll explain how to remove security from a PDF to edit it.

Limiting access to a PDF by setting passwords and restricting certain features, such as editing or printing, can sometimes be useful, especially if we’rere talking about important documents that shouldn’t be modified. But password-protected PDFs can still be accessed, edited, and printed by removing their encryption. With Smallpdf, unlocking your file for editing is easy.

A secured PDF document should only be edited by its author. Make sure you have the rights to remove the protection on your file before starting.

How To Edit a Secured PDF File Online

  1. Drop your protected PDF into our Unlock PDF tool.

  2. Enter the password when prompted.

  3. Wait for the PDF to unlock, then select “Edit PDF” to start editing the file.

  4. Once you’re done modifying your document, click the download button to save your newly-edited PDF.


How to edit a secured PDF online with Smallpdf.



Unsure of how to unlock PDF files on Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, or any other system you use? Smallpdf.com works on all platforms. That’s right—even Linux. For those of you with a Smallpdf Pro subscription, you can use our desktop app to unlock and edit your PDFs completely offline.

How To Edit a Secured PDF File Offline

  1. Download and install the Smallpdf Desktop App.
  2. Click on the Unlock tool.
  3. Add or drag one or multiple files into the window.
  4. Enter your password to unlock.
  5. Click on the “Open” icon to start editing your file.

How to edit a secured PDF offline with Smallpdf.

If you want to secure your document again after editing you can use the Protect PDF tool, which will encrypt your PDF with a password of your choice to prevent unauthorized access to the file’s content.

We hope you find this helpful!

Editing a secured PDF has never been easier!

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Sara Gattoni
Sara Gattoni
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