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How to Electronically Sign a PDF Online

by Hung Nguyen

You can also read this article in German, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Italian and Portuguese.

Learn how to electronically sign a PDF online for free. You can also create signature requests for others to sign — no registration is needed to use.

Gone are the days of having to manually type up, print, and sign or send a contract. Nowadays, most document signing can be done electronically.

Smallpdf touts an easy-to-use online PDF toolset, including a signing tool where you can create and sign PDF files electronically, in a heartbeat. Follow our guide below to learn how to sign PDF document online pronto.

How to electronically sign a PDF online for free

  1. To get started, go to the Smallpdf eSign tool

  2. Drop your PDF in the toolbox

  3. Click "Your Signature"

  4. Draw a new signature with your mouse or stylus

  5. You can also upload a photo of your signature

  6. Place the signature onto the document, add text if needed and click "Finish & Sign"

  7. All done! Download your electronically signed PDF

How to electronically sign a pdf

How to electronically sign a PDF online with Smallpdf

Apart from signing the document, you can utilize the "Text field" option to fill out forms, or insert your name, dates...etc. Whatever you need to get those contracts going.

Can I sign in a different color?


(Navy) Blue and Red are the other options that we offer at the moment. All signatures are created or converted to black by default. Once you have placed the written signature onto the document, select it, and there should be a black dot at the top-left corner. By clicking it, an option to change the color should appear.

We’re always looking for further feature suggestions. If you are legally required to sign in a different color or format, do pop an email our way for our eSign to evaluate, for future product development.

change signature color

How to change the signature's color

Is digital signing available?


Digital signatures are possible for Pro users. The method of signing is the same, but once you create an electronic signature with Smallpdf, we will convert it to a cryptographic signature.

This process provides a digital sealing with an LTV enabled timestamp under our name - Smallpdf GmbH. The signature, as well as the time when it was signed, can be verified with common PDF readers, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Having a Pro subscription also will grant you access to all other PDF tools. As such, you can seamlessly join, cut, shrink, or transform your PDF files in any way you’d like. For more information, do check out the Pro page! Remember to check in with local laws on the legality of electronic and digital signatures in your country.

Can I request for a signature?


To request another party to electronically sign a PDF, on the front page of the Sign PDF page, choose “Invite signers” and we then walk you through the process of requesting a signature.

You can request a PDF to be signed electronically by as many party members as you wish. Make sure all of the entered email addresses are correct! We will send these documents by email for them to view, create, and sign.

Reminder emails will also be sent to ensure that you get your signatures at the end. An optional, personalized message can be attached to the initial email if needed. For instance, to specify where on the document the recipients should sign, or what other info is to be included.

Request e-signature

Request e-signatures with ease

How to electronically sign PDFs on Mac or Windows


The operating system that you use is never a question for us. As an online service, the website Smallpdf can be accessed from anywhere and everywhere. All that is required is a working internet connection, an internet browser, and a couple of minutes of your time.

Therefore, you and your friends and colleagues can access our eSign tool, regardless of whether you are on a Mac, Windows, or Linux machine. Even mobile devices are compatible, through your mobile internet browser.



With a large following north of 40 million monthly users, we try our best to adapt our tools for users from all over. Smallpdf.com has been translated into 24 different languages, which can be changed at any time by clicking the language option at the lower top-right corner of any page on our site.

Though daunting, the task of electronic signing PDF files should not take more than a few clicks. For free, online, as with all other PDF tools that we have to offer.

We also have a Desktop app, and implementing electronic signing is in our backlog. Translations are also being prepared as we speak!

how to change language

How to change the language setting on Smallpdf

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Senior Growth Marketing Manager @Smallpdf