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How to Make a Document a PDF File Online

by Hung Nguyen

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Save any digital document file into PDF format in a few simple clicks. No registration is needed to use our online free tool.

It has been over two decades since the inception of the PDF format. These days, tasks such as PDF creation from another document format should be a piece of cake for anyone, of any age. Smallpdf reigns as the most popular online PDF converter and can make just about any document as a PDF format, for free. Follow the full instructions below to get started.

How to make a document a PDF for free online

  1. Go to the PDF Maker page on our site.

  2. Drag and drop any document in the toolbox.

  3. Smallpdf will convert the document into a PDF right away.

  4. Compress, merge, or edit the PDF if you need to.

  5. Click ‘Download File’ to save the new PDF.


How to make a document a PDF with Smallpdf

Currently, documents that we can handle and make into a PDF includes images and Microsoft Office files. The full list comprises Word, PPT, Excel, as well as JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, and TIFF images. Although we do have separate tools for every file format, to all-in-one PDF converter will quickly accept any of the aforementioned documents.

In instances of scanned files such as JPG or Microsoft Word documents, Smallpdf will save the scanned Word document into a PDF as an image. Doing so will protect the content of your file (images, tables, or text) from being copied, or edited. As such, PDF documents are the ideal format for sharing, as other parties can simply view or annotate, but not modify the existing content of your materials.

How to make more than one document into PDF?


If you have more than one document, in different file formats, you can replicate the instructions above to make your documents into PDF format, one after another. To save time, you can always grab a subscription plan of Smallpdf Pro, which will enable multiple file processing. As its name implies, the function allows the user to drag and drop as many files as you’d like into our tool, of mixed document formats. Our tool will also group and save all the files in a ZIP file for you to download, all at once.

Furthermore, having a Pro account will push the maximum file sizes of documents to a whopping 5GB.


How to make multiple documents to PDF, with Smallpdf Pro

Can I make PDFs outside of Smallpdf’s site?


To appease the needs of our 25+ million monthly users, we have also developed an offline, PDF viewer/PDF reader. Users can view their PDFs offline with our desktop app with ease. For offline documents, you can simply drag them into our offline reader, and the software will communicate with our servers, and save the file to PDF instantly. Conversely, as with its online sibling, the Smallpdf desktop app can also carry out the contrary, and make a PDF to another document type. A list of all available tools will be available on the left-hand side of the desktop app, or via our homepage if you prefer the online version.

Other PDF tools for your work


Once you create a PDF using Smallpdf, the options are endless. Any document saved in this format can be merged, split up, or rotated using our PDF tools. On top of that, with the editor and eSign functions, you can also add text, drawings, and even digital sealing for contractual needs.

Our user base is made up of a diverse group of individuals, from many professions, differing from teachers to architects, designers, and sales/marketing professionals. Digital documents can now be transformed from one to another in a split second, as illustrated above. Thanks to this, we hope to help make communication between parties, from your colleagues to clients, as painless as possible. Enjoy the free tools, citizens of the internet!


Offline reader that can make a document a PDF

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Content Marketing Manager