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I Love PDF To Word | Free Online PDF Conversion

by Hung Nguyen

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Convert your PDF to Word files for free, so you can edit your documents as you please. Our tool is free to use and requires no registration.

There’s nothing more satisfying than the feeling of converting a PDF file into a fully editable Word document, with its format retained—for free. Follow our guide below to find out how to convert your PDF to Word file with our beloved PDF tool. 👇

I Love PDF To Word Tutorial

  1. Open the free PDF to Word converter on our platform.

  2. Upload your PDF document via drag and drop.

  3. Choose whether you need OCR (Optical Character Recognition) or not.

  4. Wait for the tool to convert the file to a Word document.

  5. Et voilà. Convert your fully editable Microsoft Word doc.


I Love PDF to Word tutorial: Convert PDF to Word for free

You’ll adore how effortless and frictionless our PDF to Word conversion is. We created this tool for PDF lovers; it will only require you to perform less than a few clicks to construct the perfect Word document.

I Love PDF To Word From Anywhere


As an online PDF to Word conversion tool, you can use the site from any device—be it your smartphone, computer, or tablet. As long as the uploaded document is in PDF format, we’ve got you covered—it doesn’t matter if the input file contains scanned pages, images, or intricate data tables.

But the love doesn’t stop there. Other than the PDF to Word tool to convert scanned documents, there are other online PDF converters for your needs. You can transform just about any standard office-related digital file, from PPT and Excel to JPG and PNG images.

Our online platform is free for anyone to use, twice a day. On top of that, if you create a free account, we’ll let you in on our powerful new system to store PDF and Word files, share them with others, or sync them across our cross-platform apps.

Create PDFs From Scratch Before Conversion


Say you’ve got a physical form right in front of you and need to fill and submit it in Word document; what do you do?

Rather than taking it to an industrial scanner to handle this simple task, you can download our free mobile app to do the lifting instead.

Once you install the app, fire it up, take a photo of the form, and we’ll have it as a scanned PDF in seconds. Then, from our mobile app, hit ‘PDF to Word’ to send it to this tool to transform the file into—you’ve guessed it—a fully editable Word document. I love PDF to Word, you love PDF to Word, and everyone else would, too—once they experience our free tool and simplify their daily work.

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Senior Growth Marketing Manager