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How to Install Smallpdf’s Chrome Extension and G Suite App

by Hung Nguyen

To get the most out of your Smallpdf for Teams account—you should encourage all team members to install our Chrome Extension and G Suite App.

We want to simplify work with digital documents for business teams, and this includes removing repetitive and mundane tasks, such as manual file uploads/downloads.

On top of our core products, we have also introduced two integrations to further assist you with your daily tasks: a Chrome Extension and a G Suite Application.

Introducing: Smallpdf Chrome Extension


Our extension acts as a bookmark, allowing Chrome users to access our tools in a simple click.

Similarly, when you open a PDF using Chrome, by choosing a tool, we will quickly export it to Smallpdf, process the file, and have it ready for download in a matter of minutes.

How to Install the Smallpdf Chrome Extension

  1. Open Chrome and go to the Chrome Web Store.

  2. Search for Smallpdf.

  3. Click ‘Add to Chrome.’

  4. On the next modal window, click ‘Add extension.’

  5. You’re all set—the Smallpdf logo should now appear on the top right corner.

Clicking on the extension should list all our tools, for easy access.

There is a second function of our extension. When you open a PDF file with Chrome, there should now be an option called ‘Tools’ on your browser’s left-hand side. You can use it to open the PDF with one of our tools and carry out the appropriate conversion process.

For example, hitting ‘Compress’ would shrink the file size, and choosing ‘Edit’ would export the file to our Editor for you to annotate, sign, or modify.


Gain easy access to Smallpdf tools with the Smallpdf Chrome Extension

Introducing: Smallpdf G Suite App


The second integration with Google allows users to send PDFs to our platform, straight from Google Drive. You can quickly install the app straight from the G Suite Marketplace. Once installed, you can right-click on any PDF to send it to Smallpdf.

Better yet—there is an option to enable this for your entire team. To do so:

  1. Log in to G Suite as the admin of your domain.

  2. Go to our profile on the G Suite Marketplace.

  3. Click ‘Domain Install’ and choose ‘Continue.’

  4. Validate your login credentials, and that’s it!

Once you do this, everyone using G Drive using your domain should see Smallpdf. For users under a Smallpdf for Teams account, every member should have unlimited access to all 20 tools in our product range.


Remove the need of manually importing files to Smallpdf with our G Suite app

On top of working on improving our product usability, we also wish to streamline your document management flows with such integrations.

If you or your team have any questions or feedback about our product, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team. We are available for your assistance, 24/7.

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Marketing Manager
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