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Smallpdf Chrome Extension

Power Up Your Productivity by Tenfold with the Smallpdf Chrome Extension

by Sara Gattoni

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All the hidden features of Smallpdf to help you supercharge your productivity!

Tons of blog posts out there can tell you what the best 5, 10 or 50 steps to productive at work are. Becoming solo focused, setting up your working space properly, or even incorporate jam sessions in your everyday routine (seriously?) all have little or no effect when you don’t have the perfect technologies to boost your speed.

Becoming productive is a matter of having the right tools to support your needs. At Smallpdf, we believe PDF software should be simple and easy to use. We work uninterruptedly every day to improve our tools and most importantly, your personal experience while working with them.

In this blog post, we will reveal all of Smallpdf's hidden features to speed you up when it comes to dealing with documents. Are you ready to power up your productivity by tenfold?

Connected Workflow

Do you want to keep working on the same document you have just converted? Yep, we’ve got you covered! After completing the initial file conversion, you can carry with another Smallpdf tool by clicking one of the tool icons on the result page.

PDF Creator

Creating a PDF from a Word document

The All in One PDF Converter.

Working with multiple documents formats? Hard times of jumping from one tool to another are finally over. You can create or convert PDFs all in a single place with our PDF Converter. No need to ever worry about format restrictions again. Our most time-efficient tool in the Smallpdf family supports PDFs, all the main documents formats (+ GIF and TIFF) and converts them all for you!

Sign Documents Online

Tired of inefficient document administration? It’s time to get rid of the painful scan-print-sign loop! With our esign PDF tool, you can create an image of your signature electronically and apply it onto a PDF document in less than 60 seconds!


eSign PDF - Draw your signature

Work Offline

Traveling for work? You can now access your favorite PDF tool suite offline and boost up your productivity by 10. The Smallpdf Desktop app comes with a free to use PDF reader! Optimal reading experience, faster compression, and automatic upgrades are just a few of the benefits you can start enjoying today – for free!

And that's not all! Supercharge your productivity with a Smallpdf Pro subscription and get access to:

  • Unlimited Usage: process as many files as you’d like on all Smallpdf tools online and offline.

  • Batch Processing: convert multiple documents at the same time.

  • No Ads: stay focused on your work and enjoy a streamlined, distraction-free experience.

  • Save Signature: create and save your digital signature to easily sign documents online, within seconds.

After all, we make PDF easy. Let us know what you think by reviewing us on the Chrome Store!

Sara Gattoni
Sara Gattoni
Marketing & BI