Draw on PDF for Free Online

by Hung Nguyen

The most popular online web app to draw on PDF files using your mouse, stylus or trackpad. No signup or registration is needed.

Common PDF editors usually allow you to edit document content by inserting, redacting or removing text and images. However, the ability to draw on PDF documents is not always offered.

Fortunately, our popular editor has this very function to help make PDF editing easy for your needs.

How to Draw on a PDF Online for Free


With over 20 million monthly users, Smallpdf boasts one of the most popular PDF Editor for you to freely draw, add text and images onto your PDF documents. To get you started:

  1. First, go to our PDF Editor.

  2. Upload your file > Click ‘Draw’ (the Pencil tool).

  3. Choose the tool’s color and line thickness, and draw using your favorite input device.

  4. Click ‘Done’ to go back to the main menu. Otherwise, click ‘Apply’ to save the changes and download your file.

Easily draw on your PDFs

How to Delete, Resize or Edit Drawings


If you’re unhappy with your changes, click ‘Done’ > Hover over the drawings and click ‘X’ on the top-left corner to delete each item.

To resize, click one of the other 3 corners and drag the drawing outwards or inwards. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

And lastly, the pre-selected options of colors and line thickness can also be adjusted even after you have created the drawings. The options will display whenever you click on each drawing.

Drawing Shapes on PDFs


We’ve made this function easy by creating a few standard, pre-made images for you to inject, including square, circle, and arrow.

  1. Beside the Draw tool, click ‘Add Shape’ > choose your desired shape.

  2. Adjust the line width, the color of your shape as well as its outline.

  3. Remember to ‘Apply’ your changes and download your files.

Insert adjustible shapes within a few clicks

What Else Can This Tool Do?


Our Editing tool also enables you to include Text and Images from your device. These options are all displayed at the top, next to the ‘Add Shape’ and ‘Draw tools’.

Smallpdf If Free?


Yep! Twice an hour for everybody to use and freely draw, convert, edit and manipulate your PDF files. If you are a frequent user of this file type, why not opt for a ‘Pro’ account?

Pro users have unlimited access to our tool suite, on top of a few additional perks, such as batch processing and recent file showing.

System Requirements


As a cloud platform, all file processing, drawings, and editings are done online. All you need is a web browser and internet access to draw on PDFs. This means that drawings on PDF documents can be carried out on Mac, Windows or Linux.

You can upload PDF documents up to 5GB per file to draw and write on them. If a bulky file is slowing down your workload while you are on the drawing tool, you can try to shrink it with our Compress PDF function to make it more lightweight. This handy tool is available on our homepage.

Other Useful Tools


Do you need to manipulate your documents post-drawing further? With Smallpdf, you can:

  • Compress - reduce document size as much as possible, without damaging your drawing quality.

  • Converter - to change the PDF format to Word, PPT, Excel or JPG - whatever you need to meet your needs.

  • Merge - put files together.

  • Split - pull them apart.

  • eSign - draw a ‘digital signature’ instead.

And many more, which are all available on our homepage. We hope to add even more tools to our current range of functions and further simplify your workflows when it comes to handling PDFs.

Hung Nguyen
Marketing & Customer Satisfaction Manager
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