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Convert PDF to DOCX Online

by Hung Nguyen

You can also read this article in German, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese and Vietnamese.

Save your PDF document into an editable DOCX file online for free, using Smallpdf.

Although exporting a DOCX to PDF is a relatively simple task, doing the opposite isn’t; most standard PDF readers don’t allow you to convert PDF to DOCX. Lucky for you, Smallpdf has the best online converter for you to do just this.

How To Convert a PDF to DOCX Format for Free

  1. Go to the PDF to DOCX converter page.

  2. Drag and drop your PDF into the toolbox.

  3. Choose whether to convert with or without Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

  4. Download your editable DOCX file!


Save your PDF to DOCX in a few simple clicks!

Convert PDF to DOCX in Batches


The option to convert many PDF files into as many DOCX documents is always possible! First you need to sign up for a Pro account, which starts with a free 7-day trial. Then, head back to the converter, upload as many PDF files as you’d like, and we’ll get started on the job right away.

If you want to have one large DOCX file instead of many single documents, you can first merge all the PDFs you have on hand, and then convert the file to DOCX. Both tools use the same drag-and-drop interface. This won’t take you longer than a minute—impressive, we know.

Are There Any Other Restrictions?


Developed by Adobe Systems, PDF files are popular thanks to their versatility—almost any operating system can read and store these files. At Smallpdf, we work hard to make it even easier for everyday users to manage their digital documents. Because of this, we offer more than a dozen other tools that you can use, including:

  • PDF to JPG - convert PDF to an image format
  • DOCX to PDF - convert DOCX to PDF without Microsoft Office
  • Split - extract existing PDF content into a new document
  • Edit - in case you need to annotate, highlight, or redact the content of your file

In terms of accessibility, you can use our online PDF tools to handle different file formats and file sizes on any operating system. Whether you’re on a MacBook, Windows computer, or even your mobile, the PDF to Word converter is always easily accessible.

If, for some reason, you can’t access our free online platform, there is the Smallpdf Desktop App to convert PDF to DOCX offline. Check it out!

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Senior Growth Marketing Manager @Smallpdf