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by Hung Nguyen

Use the most popular online document converter to save PDFs to editable DOCX files for free, online and offline.

Smallpdf currently has the most popular PDF to Word converter to save PDF to Docx files for you, within a single click. Check it out below.

The Most Popular PDF to Docx Converter

  1. Access our PDF to Docx tool

  2. Drag and drop to upload your file into the toolbox

  3. Smallpdf will automatically save it to Microsoft Word, in docx format

  4. Download, edit and save your new docx file as you'd like

generic converter - pdf to word

Convert PDF to Docx within seconds

Convert Multiple Files


All of Smallpdf's tools are free to use, up to twice an hour. With a Pro account, you can freely upload documents in various file formats to convert from PDF to Docx, Excel, PPT and even image files, such as JPG.

The file size limit is 5GB per document, so Smallpdf should have no trouble handling large documents. And best of all, you can upload as many files to convert as you'd like, with any of our tools.

convert multiple files to pdf

Example: converting multiple files to PDF (docx, jpg, and pptx)

What Else Can Smallpdf Do?


Aside from the tool to convert PDF to DOCX and other popular Microsoft Office formats, we can also enhance your files for ease of storage or collaboration. Furthermore, you could also convert the file back to its original format, in PDF if you wish, using the DOCX to PDF tool.


Millions of PDF files are shared via email or uploaded online on a daily basis. Why not reduce their file size? This function will help to save time that is otherwise spent on uploads and downloads.


Don't we all love a free, efficient and straightforward PDF reader? If you're a fan of viewing files on PDF instead, to not risk accidentally editing your docx files, the Smallpdf Reader is up for grab for free via our site.


The most obvious reason why one would want to convert PDF to docx is to edit it. However, if you merely wish to annotate text or insert images into your PDF files, you can do this directly from our Edit tool. Best of all, you don't have to waste unnecessary time spent converting the file back and forth, between PDF and Word.


Conversely, people tend to save files from docx to PDF is because it's easy to store, share and saved. As such, why not encrypt it with a strong password as well? The Smallpdf Password Protect tool ensures that only the right users have access to your content. Don't forget your password, though!

Why Smallpdf?


We have over 18 million monthly users thanks to our capabilities to effectively convert files, online and offline (via the Smallpdf Desktop). On top of that, we ensure that files are securely processed on our servers, and are always deleted an hour after processing.

And lastly, we aim to make PDF easy, as it should be; to put the P in Portable.

Smallpdf was created to solve common document management issues. If you have any feedbacks, inquiries or even suggestions on we can make our service even more competent for you, send an email our way!


Less time converting PDF to docx, more time to play

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