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How to Send Large Files with Smallpdf

by Hung Nguyen

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Instantly send and share large files over the internet, via email, sharable link or file transfer tools. Up to 5GB per file.

Email Large Files with Smallpdf


The most common workflow adopted by users when they have to share large files is to compress the file, download, and email it to other parties. To simplify this process further, we've implemented a 'share' function to trim down this last step and heighen your productivity even further!

share large files email smallpdf

Email large files with Smallpdf

  • Process your file using one of Smallpdf's many tools. For instance, to send large files, you'd first reduce its size with our PDF compressor.

  • On the result page, instead of downloading the file, click the email icon to share large files.

  • Enter the 'Email to' field to send the compressed file to another party, straight from our platform.

  • We will also send you a confirmation via your email address.

If you are wondering how to email large files without compressing them - you can also skip to the bottom of the article and learn more about WeTransfer, our favorite file transfer tool for sending super large files online.

Receiving Files


Curious how the other party will get the file? They will get an email with a link to download the large file that you had sent. The link in the email will be available for 14-days before the file is deleted from our servers.

share large files download link

Downloading shared files

Share Large Files With a Link


Another popular method of file sharing is to upload the large file to a popular file hosting and storage platforms, such as Dropbox and Google Drive. This can get tedious at times, as you usually have to adjust the share settings for individual files.

Luckily, we can save you plenty of time by enabling this option, directly via a link. The same method as the previous step, but once you click the share button on the result page of Smallpdf, click the 'Link' tab, where a link will be generated for you to share with others, via DM, email or what not!

send large files link

Send Files and Request Signatures


In the case that you need to send a document and request another party to sign the document, head over to our eSign tool. In this case, the other party can also create their own electronic signature to sign their documents. When this is all done, we will notify you via email that the document is ready for download.

Curious about the limitation of our large file transfer process? Smallpdf accepts files up to 5GB per file! Whatever you need to send - contracts, financial statements or even long-form essays - we take them all!


How to send large files - particularly contracts that need to be signed via Smallpdf.

Large File Transfer Without Conversion


If you would like to simply send large files without converting them, we'd recommend WeTransfer. The online service allows you to send large files freely, up to 2GB per file. For bigger files, you can opt for a subscription, or compress them with Smallpdf!

The process is pretty intuitive. Enter the recipient's email, your email, drag-and-drop the file(s) and click 'Transfer' send large files from your PC to another party.

share large files wetransfer

How to send large files with WeTransfer

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Senior Growth Marketing Manager @Smallpdf