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Make Small PDFs Online for Free

by Hung Nguyen

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The best online tool to make PDFs smaller while maintaining the highest file quality. No registration, no watermarks, no software installation.

Need a hand at compressing PDF files? With our free online tool, we can make small PDF documents in a matter of seconds.

How To Make Small PDFs for Free

  1. Drag and drop your PDF into the toolbox.

  2. Choose the compression level.

  3. Proceed to compress and download your PDF.


How to make small PDFs online with Smallpdf.

Secure Online PDF Processing


Smallpdf is the most popular online tool for makeing PDFs smaller. We feature an easy drag-and-drop UI, quick processing, and SSL encryption for file processing. Thus, you may come to our site whenever you need to reduce PDFs of any file size.

There are two compression levels that you can make use of: the standard and the ‘hard’ compression modes. We always recommend that you use the former—but for the occasions where you need an extra push—use the latter. The tool may compromise file quality (images, colors) for a smaller file size for the second option. But hey, if you need to push that PDF down to a small enough size for your go-to email client—what can you do?

Things To Consider Before/After Making PDFs Small


PDF files are great for sharing and storage—and should be the ideal file type to transfer between parties and devices.

Thus, if you ever have a different file type on hand, such as images or Office-based documents, you can use our PDF Converter tool to carry out the PDF conversion process.

Once you convert that JPG to PDF (or Word, Excel, PPT)—aside from making it smaller, you can also merge it to other documents, remove excess pages, or even sign it electronically with our eSign tool.

There are a total of 20+ tools for you to enhance your digital documents to your liking. If you are a Windows user, please check out the offline version of Smallpdf—where we can shrink PDF files offline, without the need to upload your documents to our online platform. And yes, it’s currently free for you to download, install, and modify your PDFs.


Ready to make PDFs smaller?

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Content Marketing Manager