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Convert BMP to PDF for Free

by Hung Nguyen

You can also read this article in German, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Italian and Portuguese.

Online converter to quickly convert PDF documents into BMP images. Free to use, no registration, installation or email is required.

We’re back with another edition of our ‘how-to guides’ - on how to save BMP images (aka bitmap image files) into PDF; all to help make content sharing easy.

Essentially, all you gotta do is pop any BMP into our image converter and let us do the work. But in case you need, here is a step-by-step tutorial to tackle bitmap image files.

How to convert BMP to PDF online:

  1. Go to our image converter.

  2. Upload the BMP into the toolbox.

  3. Adjust the size, orientation and margin if needed.

  4. Click 'Create PDF Now' to convert the BMP to PDF.

  5. Modify the PDF with other tools if needed on the result page.

  6. Otherwise, click ‘Download’ to save your new PDF.

bmp to gif

Convert bmp to pdf in a heartbeat!

Why convert BMP to PDF?


PDFs are lightweight as the content’s already compressed, making it easier to load, share, upload, send, or store on your PC.

The process to modify PDFs is also much more convenient. There are over a dozen PDF tools on our site for you to convert, edit, sign and compress your PDFs further, all for your convenience.

There are also functions to split, merge, and delete pages of PDF documents as well. We’ve previously whipped up a guide on rearranging PDF pages, just for this purpose.

And lastly, the portable document format is also a lot more versatile. For instance, with a PDF document, you can upload it to Google to translate the content into other languages.

Do you take large BMPs?


Up to 5 GB per bitmap image! With a Pro account, you can also drag as many pictures as you’d like into the toolbox to convert them simultaneously. Less time spent on mundane document management tasks!

While you’re at it, just know that the image converter also accepts all the other standard image file types that you encounter every day, including jpg/jpeg, png, gif, and tiff images.

All this at no cost?


We have built our platform to solve tiresome tasks relating to digital documents, especially when it’s linked to PDF (it’s in our name after all). Furthermore, simple and intuitive tools are best with a free price tag.

We’re fortunate to have sustainably running site thanks to ads revenue. To those that work continuously with PDF and BMP images, you can grab a Pro account, which will speed up your work just a wee bit, thanks to the multiple processing features, offline desktop application, and unlimited access to over 18 PDF tools.

Who uses Smallpdf?


Everybody. Students, teachers, architects, business executives. Anybody that receives and need to convert BMP to PDF, or any of the other numerous file types that we support. In the last five years alone, we’ve accumulated over 20 million unique users every month.

If you’re new to Smallpdf, why not check out our tools via our homepage or other guides on how to simplify your workflows via our blog homepage? : )

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Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Senior Growth Marketing Manager @Smallpdf