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How to Change the Language on Smallpdf

by Fredi

You can also read this article in German, Spanish, French, Indonesian and Italian.

Smallpdf is available in 24 languages, which you can switch at any time, in a simple click.

Greetings users!

Did you know that we have attracted over 200 million users (humans, bears, and other species) from all over the world? Our reach goes as far as Antarctica, albeit I'm not entirely sure for what.

Regardless, having the slogan of 'We make PDF easy' proposes the removal of all common pain points relating to PDF altogether, including language barriers. Being from a multilingual country with four national languages, we understand the absolute importance of localization. As such, our website has been translated into 24 of the most widely used languages on the web.

Check out the spiffy GIF I've made on how you can change the language of Smallpdf. In short, you can scroll to the bottom of any webpage, and the option to change the language should be located at the bottom right-hand corner.


How to change the language of Smallpdf

Available languages


Smallpdf is currently available in the following languages:

  • English

  • Bahasa Indonesian

  • Danish

  • French

  • Dutch

  • Polish

  • Swedish,

  • Turkish

  • Ukrainian

  • Hindi

  • Korean

  • Chinese (Traditional)

  • Chinese (Simplified)

  • Bahasa Malaysian

  • German

  • Spanish

  • Italian

  • Norwegian

  • Portuguese

  • Vietnamese

  • Russian

  • Arabic

  • Thai

.... and Japanese

Fun fact


If you were to stack up all the papers that we saved two years ago by converting them digitally, we'd get you up to the moon. Here's an infographic with some cool numbers on what we've been up to since our inception.

year end review

Some (old) stats of how users use our site

What's next?


Let us know if you would benefit from having our platform translated into your native language - we're always looking to expand. Otherwise, we hope to start work on the translations of our desktop app soon enough.

Have fun converting!

Office Bear
Office Bear