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How to Convert Files to PDF Format Online

by Hung Nguyen

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Use our free-to-use online tool to convert different file types to PDF format, including Word, Excel, PPT, and images. No registration is required.

Over 2 billion PDF files have been floating around since the PDF’s first conception in the 90s. Subsequently, it’s become a standard procedure to save files in PDF format, especially when it comes to sharing.

If you’re here you’re probably wondering how to save a file as a PDF online. Just drop a file into our PDF converter, and we will automatically save it as a PDF for you. Join the club of over 25 million active monthly users and get started below.

How Do I Convert Multiple Files to PDF?

  1. Go to our PDF converter tool.

  2. Drag as many files as you’d like into the toolbar.

  3. Wait for our software to do its work.

  4. All done. Save your file!

2021-08-13_ how-to-convert-files-to-pdf-format-online.gif

Convert multiple files and formats to PDF simultaneously.

Can I Convert PDF To Other Formats as Well?


Of course, this conversion process follows the same method, using the same tool. There are also various standalone tools available via our website, which create additional formatting options.

Currently, the tool accepts most files from Microsoft Office (Word, PPT, Excel), as well as an array of image files, such as JPG, BMP, TIFF, and GIF. For instance, when you convert a PDF to JPG, we will offer the possibility to extract images or turn PDF pages into JPG copies. For Word to PDF and PDF to Word, we offer OCR for you to process scanned files.

If you wish to save the file back to its original format, you can head back to the PDF converter, drop the PDF in, and pick the appropriate output format.

Why Save Files as PDF


As previously mentioned, the PDF format has been loved and embraced by many—both individuals and businesses since it’s initial release back in the 90s. Once a file is saved as a PDF, it can be viewed on almost any device across any operating system, all while retaining its format in a compact size.

Additionally, files saved as a PDF are extremely secure and cannot be altered without leaving an electronic footprint. Electronic signatures can also be used to validate documents and you can even lock your file with a password.

Save as PDF On-the-Go


If you work on your mobile device frequently, feel free to check out the free Smallpdf Mobile App. With it, you can freely view, modify, eSign, and of course, convert files to PDF format. If you’re a Pro user we’ll also sync documents saved as PDF to our online storage system—for a centralized document management space. Thus, whether you switch from your mobile phone to PC or tablets, the files will always be available for your needs.


Download, share, or export your PDF file.

Ease Of Sharing Over the World Wide Web


Aside from the main tools to adjust document formats, we’ve also implemented ‘side functions’ to aid file sharing. Once you have converted a file, i.e., Word to PDF, on the result page, you will find the share function. Choosing this will give you the option to either generate a link for others to download your file or send it directly to a recipient’s email client. When you share a PDF this way, we will keep the file around for 14-days.

Another standard file sharing flow is to store it on a cloud storage service, such as Dropbox and Google Drive, which we’ve integrated with accordingly. The option to import and export files to convert or save is available on every tool page across the Smallpdf website. Smallpdf has even integrated within the new Dropbox extensions, where you can export files from Dropbox, without even being on our platform! Otherwise, don’t forget to download your file to your local device. Have fun converting!

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Senior Growth Marketing Manager @Smallpdf