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Fill and Sign PDF Forms

by Hung Nguyen

You can also read this article in German, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese and Russian.

Online eSign tool to freely create, request and sign with electronic signatures, as well as filling forms.

Smallpdf was created with the dream of realizing a paperless office.

As such, we've been hard at work to improve our eSign function to help you take this experience completely digital. This guide will demonstrate how to sign and fill PDF forms for free, within clicks. Whether you need to sign contracts or fill out application documents for graduate school - you've come to the right place!

To Get You Started

  • Access the Smallpdf eSign tool.

  • Upload your document to fill and sign.

  • Choose whether you are the sole signee, or if you wish to request others to this pdf fill and sign process. The document will be displayed for you to start to sign and fill it.

fill and sign options

Signing PDFs

  • Click "Signature".

  • Create a signature if you have not. Otherwise, click on the e-signature you wish to use.

  • Drag, resize and change color in any way you'd like. Then, click "Create".

  • New Colors: You can now fill and sign PDF forms in dark blue and red!


Sign PDF forms

Filling Forms

  • Click "Text Field"

  • Similar to the signature, you can edit your text, adjust its size, font, and color before dragging the text into the appropriate fields.

fill forms

Fill and sign PDF forms made easy

Other Things to Consider


If you wish to request signatures from others for the uploaded document, you can click "Invite signers" to request this. Otherwise, click "Finish & Sign" and download your newly signed and filled PDF.

Benefits of Using Smallpdf


Our PDF Fill and Sign PDF Forms function is free to use, for everybody to access. If you have to do this on a daily basis, do check out our Pro subscriptions, which removes this usage limitation.

All file transfers use TLS connections to fill and sign PDF forms for you. Furthermore, with a Pro account, we will also keep up to five of your electronic signatures, for ease of use. Remember to check in with local laws on the legality of electronic and digital signatures in your country.

We believe that you don't truly know a product until you have tested it out first hand! So why not access our eSign tool, create your own electronic signature and start the PDF fill and sign process today!

Any questions regarding how to modify your documents, create signatures, and sign forms, check out our support page.

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Senior Growth Marketing Manager @Smallpdf