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How to Download Newspapers in PDF Format

by Hung Nguyen

You can also read this article in German, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Italian and Portuguese.

Saving any news article as a PDF file, online or offline, has never been easier. We’ll show you how in this step-by-step tutorial.

Is there a newspaper article online you need to save and archive locally in PDF format? If so, this can be done straight from your browser. Every common browser has the functionality to “print an article as a PDF.”

If you’re unfamiliar with the process, no worries; we’ve got you covered. Check out the step-by-step instructions below on how to save any news article as a PDF file on your favorite internet browser.

How To Download Newspapers in PDF Format Online

  1. Head over to the news article you wish to save.

  2. Open up the options menu—on the top right or left.

  3. There, you’ll find the option to “Print.”

  4. Instead of a printer, pick the option to “save as PDF.”

  5. Finally, hit “Save” and pick the location to save the file.

2023-07-31 - How To Download Newspapers in PDF Format

Example: how to download a newspaper article in PDF format on Chrome

Of course, each browser puts its options menu in a different place and makes it look a little different. Once you find it, though, things are pretty straightforward. We’ve written a more detailed guide breaking down how to preserve any webpage as a PDF for the most popular internet browsers, including Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

How To Download Newspapers in PDF Format Offline


If you have a physical newspaper that you wish to save to PDF, you’ll need to use a scanner to create the file. Modern scanners should have the option for you to pick the output file to be PDF.

If you can only save the newspaper in image format, such as a JPG, you can head over to our image to PDF tool to save the file in PDF format. One way or another, you’ll end up with your newspaper as a handy PDF document.

You can also use the Smallpdf Mobile App to scan the newspaper using your phone saving the scan directly as PDFs.

If sharing the article is the purpose of this whole process and the scanned document is too large to be emailed or uploaded online, you could compress the file with our compression tool. It’s easy and free to use, and you can save quite a bit of space, even when using the basic compression mode. Strong compression can actually reduce the file’s size by up to 70%!

Can I Merge Multiple Newspaper Articles Into One PDF?


Of course—there’s also a tool for this on our site, aptly titled “Merge PDF.” It can combine multiple PDFs with one another and gives you the option to arrange the pages freely. That way, you can create a news article collection exactly how you want.

To merge multiple newspaper articles into one PDF, you’d first have to save the individual articles in PDF format. After that, head over to our Merge PDF tool and drag them all into the toolbox. Now you can arrange your pages and finalize the document before hitting the “Merge” button and finally downloading your PDF file.

Can I Delete These Files From Your Servers?


You don’t have to worry about this. We make sure to discard files from our servers after one hour from the moment you first drag them onto our toolbox. TLS encryption is also in place to ensure the utmost security for your files.

Just remember to download or export the converted file to Google Drive or Dropbox. Otherwise, there’s no way for us to retrieve these files for you once they’ve been deleted.

And There’s More


With Smallpdf’s tools, you can do much more than convert newspapers to PDF. You can convert, split, edit, and even eSign your files. And they’re free for you to use! Check out a list of all Smallpdf tools directly via our homepage. Happy converting!

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Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
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