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How to Send and Sign Contracts When Working From Home

by Nathan Dennis

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How to go paperless and sign contracts digitally, straight from the comfort of your own home!

Just because you’re working from home does not mean that your business has to grind to a halt! Sure, you can’t physically go see prospective clients, new hires, or Cheryl in accounting who needs to sign that reimbursement, but you can send and sign contracts and other documents remotely through eSign!

What is eSign?


eSign is Smallpdf’s tool that allows you to sign PDF documents AND send them to others to have them sign. It’s a great way to manage the contract signing process, so that you aren’t constantly emailing contracts, hunting them down, and storing them in Google Drive.

How Does It work?


There are two ways: for you to sign and for others to sign. If it's for yourself, simply upload the document to eSign, sign the document, and then download it! It’s just three easy steps!

If, on the other hand, you need others to sign your document, you can follow these steps:

  1. Upload the document

  2. Add the signers

  3. Send the doc to the signers through SmallPDF (you can track its progress!)

  4. The signers will receive an email with the document

  5. They sign the document through eSign

  6. They submit the document back to you.

This way, you can send one document to multiple parties, and end up with a single, finished document that has everyone’s signatures. Plus, everyone gets a copy!

Why Use eSign?


eSign is perfect for remote working. With a Pro account, you can execute legally enforceable documents and contracts without having to have an in-person signature. Remember to check in with local laws on the legality of electronic and digital signatures in your country. Smallpdf’s easy and organized eSign tool allows you to tackle these challenging products with grace and ease.

Give eSign a shot today!

Nathan Dennis Guest Writer
Nathan Dennis
Guest Writer