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How to Send and Sign Contracts When Working From Home

by Nathan Dennis

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How to go paperless and sign contracts digitally, straight from the comfort of your own home!

Even today, many perceive working from home as less productive and less inducive to doing business in general. But with technology advancing more and more quickly, it really is just a matter of having the right tools to do your business and get that client.

It’s true that when you’re working out of the comfort of your own home, you’re less prone to spontaneous interactions with colleagues—but that isn’t always a bad thing or means any reduction in productivity! As a matter of fact, just because Cheryl from accounting can’t come to your office and literally wait until you’ve finally signed that reimbursement, that doesn’t mean the document can’t be signed at all. With the right tools, you can sign contracts and even send them to others for signatures right from your couch or even from under your covers; all the while not dealing with Cheryl’s impatient looks. “What are the right tools to sign contracts when working from home,” you may ask now. Well, a fantastic example would be Smallpdf’s eSign.

What is eSign?


eSign is Smallpdf’s tool that allows you to sign PDF documents AND send them to others to get their signature. It’s a terrific approach to managing the process of contract signing, so that you aren’t constantly emailing, hunting, and storing documents in Google Drive.

How Does It work?


There are two ways: for you to sign and for others to sign. If you’re the only one who needs to sign the document, simply upload the document to eSign, place your signature, and then download it! It’s just three easy steps and no piece of paper was harmed in the process!

If, on the other hand, you need others to sign your document, you can follow these steps:

  1. Upload the document to Smallpdf’s eSign.
  2. Add the signees by entering their email(s).
  3. Send the request to the signers through Smallpdf.
  4. They will receive an email with a call to action to sign.
  5. One click, and they can sign the document on eSign.
  6. We’ll notify you when the job’s done and you can download the file.

By the way, you can track the progress of the document at all times. If you click on the “Activity” toggle on the right-hand side, you can see who was invited, who opened, and who signed the document already. eSign lets you send one document to multiple parties and in the end, you get a single, finished document that has everyone’s signature. Plus, everyone gets a copy and you saved a bunch of paper and ink!

Why Use eSign?


eSign is perfect for remote working. With a Pro account, you can create an unlimited number of documents and request signatures left and right. Instead of a basic electronic signature, a Pro account also gives you access the digital signing. This will give your contracts and agreements and extra layer of security and increases their legal enforceability. Do make sure to check the local laws applicable, though. While electronic and digital signing is already widely accepted around the world, legislation differs and not all types of contracts and agreements can be signed like this.

Smallpdf’s easy and organized eSign tool allows you to streamline your processes, do all your work from home if you want, and close that sale in style.

Give eSign a shot today!

Nathan Dennis Guest Writer
Nathan Dennis
Guest Writer