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How to Sign a PDF on iPhone for Free

by Hung Nguyen

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The easiest method to create e-signatures and sign your PDF on an iPhone.✍️

As an iPhone user, working for the most popular online PDF software, I am more than thrilled to create the following guide.

Whether you are using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, check out how you can sign your PDF document on your handheld, iOS device. You will need an internet connection, Safari (or another web browser), and of course, your iPhone for this.

How to Sign a PDF on iPhone Online :

  1. On Safari, go to our eSign tool.

  2. Click ‘Sign a document’.

  3. Open the PDF from your device, or export it from Dropbox/Google Drive.

  4. Click the signature icon to draw or upload your signature.

  5. Adjust its color, add text if needed, and place it onto your document.

  6. Click ‘Finish’ to sign the PDF and save it to your device.

how to sign a pdf on iphone

How to quickly create esignatures and sign PDFs on your iPhone

Requesting signatures


Furthermore, you can also sign and send signature requests directly from the UI. The option to do so sides aside from the ‘Finish’ button. If you require multiple recipients to sign one document, you can add them using this function. Conversely, you’d have to create numerous signature requests.

Upon creating the request, an email will be sent to the recipient to add a signature and send documents right back to you via email. The PDF file will be stored for an hour on our site after you have finished the signing. For sign requests, we keep them for two weeks - enough time for your recipients to get them done.

Create a signature with your fingers


Once you have created a new signature, you can draw using your finger, or with an Apple pencil/stylus if you’re fancy. We’ll render it neatly for you. Due to popular request, signatures are also available in blue. :)

Proud online service


As Smallpdf operates online, you do not need to download an application via the app store, create an account and sign in to sign a pdf on your iPhone. Tap the signature on the preview mode to adjust its size and color.

All file transfers use SSL encryption to make sure that your PDFs are safe while you sign them on our platform. Since you can ask other people to sign the document, you also do not need the mail app to send and request signatures manually. :)

And this is free?


Heck yes. All free users can create standard electronic signatures to sign PDFs on our site using your iPhone - or any other mobile device.

If you require cryptographic signing and verification for your signatures, you can sign up for a Pro subscription, which automatically turns your signatures into digital seals.

Using our service then will add a timestamp record of when it was signed using an Advanced Electronic Signature to validate this process. For more information on the technology we use, check out our guide on digital sealing.

Have fun!

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Content Marketing Manager