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How to Type on a PDF

by Hung Nguyen

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Use Smallpdf to type on any PDF file - whether you need to annotate, fill out forms or edit your text. Free to use online!

Do you ever need to type on a PDF file? This file format sure is great as the content is secure from editing and the file format are easy for sharing. However, there may be times that you have to annotate such files right? Whether it's to add comments, fill out forms or to adjust the content of your PDF file, here is our guide on how to type on a PDF file, anytime, anywhere.

How to type on a PDF - with the Smallpdf Edit tool


Voila, our simple Edit tool allows you to type on your PDF file in a variety of fonts, text sizes, and colors. The easy to use interface allows you to drag the text around freely.

On top of that, you can also add images or freehand draw on your PDF files - which is great if you are on a touchscreen device with a digital stylus to write freely.

edit pdf

Edit and download PDF files with the Smallpdf Editor. How to type on a PDF made easy.

How to type on a PDF - in its original format


PDF files can be easily converted back to its original format, whether it was a Word, PPT or JPG (though there won't be much typing on images). We have the most popular online PDF converter to help you with this. All you have to to do is:

  • Upload the PDF file to the PDF converter.

  • The conversion will begin automatically.

  • Download your file. That's all there is.

PDF Converter Example - PDF-Word

Need to type on a PDF in its original format? Say no more!

Afterward, you can quickly write on the file, delete content - whatever you want to do with it. If you want it to convert back to PDF format, reaccess the tool and repeat the process.

Aside from typing on PDF files, is there anything else I can do to this file format?

Of course! Contrary to what you may think, they don't call this file format 'portable' for nothing. Aside from typing out text, you can also manipulate your PDF files with a few other tools that Smallpdf offers, all available to use, free of charge. This includes:

  • Delete Pages to get rid of needless pages on your PDF files.

  • Encrypt your PDF files with a password.

  • Merge files together after you've typed on them.

  • eSign with digital signatures. This is another form of adding text to PDFs.

  • And then there's the Smallpdf Reader if you are in need of a simple and intuitive software to view, read and convert your PDF files.

There are a few other exciting features that we are working on that will allow you to have full control of your PDF files. This includes highlighting, typing on PDF files offline, annotation and other conversion tools. Until then, our website is up 24/7, 365 to help you with your document related problems.

How to type on a PDF in the end? Not that hard, as you've read. ;)

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Content Marketing Manager