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Convert XLSX to PDF Online

by Hung Nguyen

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Use our Excel to PDF tool to convert .xlsx spreadsheets into PDF documents for free. No account is needed to use our online tool.

Need a hand at saving standard Excel workbook (.xlsx) files to PDF format? Use our online Excel to PDF converter to do so. It can open older Excel file types, like the Excel 97-2004 workbook file format (.xls) and is free to use.

How to Convert Xlsx to PDF for Free

  1. Go to the Excel to PDF converter on our website.

  2. Drag and drop your .xlsx spreadsheet in.

  3. Wait while we convert the Excel to PDF.

  4. Edit your file further or download it.

2023-04-09 - Convert XLSX to PDF Online

XLSX to PDF in less than 5 seconds

Impressive, But How Is This Tool Free?


Smallpdf was created to deal with issues anyone may encounter when working with digital documents—PDF files in particular. Our servers can handle files up to 5 GB per document. This is particularly practical for Excel files as large datasets, vector graphics, and other features can inflate the file size quite a bit. We think that such simple tasks shouldn’t cause anyone to pull their hair out—particularly if these simple questions can be answered within one quick Google search.

The standard website is free for limited daily use. We believe that anyone should be able to solve simple PDF-related issues without spending any money. You can become a Smallpdf Pro member if you need to convert consistently daily. With a Pro account, you’ll unlock unlimited usage, offline processing, and, best of all, batch processing. Online and offline conversion for multiple XLSX to PDF can be done in less than a minute, depending on the size of each file of course.

Do You Convert Other Excel File Types?


Anything that you can generate from Excel, we can save to PDF. The list includes XLS to PDF conversions, which is the earlier file type of Excel before the release of the XLSX in the mid-2000s. On top of Microsoft Excel, our platform has other related tools to transform Office files, such as Word and PPT, into PDF files.

We want to be there for our millions of users whenever and wherever they need us. Being an online web tool means you can explore the full suite of PDF tools from any operating system. With an internet connection, you can load Smallpdf on your MacBook, Windows machine, or even Linux. There is no limitation to our processing power.

We also have the Smallpdf Desktop App, which offers Windows users offline access to some of our most popular tools. And the Smallpdf Mobile App helps iOS and Android users get their work done on the go!

We are always adding new tools, so please, check back to our homepage, bookmark our blog, and tweet us on Twitter to share the fun with friends and colleagues. You can even write to us and suggest new features and tools—we love hearing from you!

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Senior Growth Marketing Manager @Smallpdf