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Convert BMP to JPG Online

by Hung Nguyen

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Free online tool to convert BMP to JPG without affecting the image quality, via a simple drag and drop, without watermarks.

JPG (which follows the standard of the Joint Photographic Experts Group) is the go-to image format for sharing.

It’s a lossy, compressed format, which results in much smaller file sizes. Bitmap images (BMP), on the other hand, are usually raw, large files—as they’re the exact copy of the pixel values of your images. Their size makes them hard to share and a hassle to store. Also, you can’t open BMP images within your browser. If you want to share a bitmap image with someone, it’s likely their size will be an issue, as most email clients nowadays still have a file size cap. You can avoid all the hassle by turning your BMP images into JPGs.

To convert BMP to JPG images, you can use our free-to-use online converters. As we’re a PDF software, our process involves first turning your BMP into a PDF, before converting that file to JPG for you. A tutorial is included below, along with all other info relating to our service, requirements, and security measures.

How To Convert BMP to Jpg Images Within Seconds

  1. Start by accessing the image converter

  2. Drag and drop a BMP image into the box.

  3. Make adjustments as needed and click “Convert.”

  4. Click on “Export As” and choose the option “Image.”

  5. Pick “Convert entire pages” from the options.

  6. Wait for the file to convert to JPG and download it.

2023-10-23 - Convert BMP to JPG Online

Convert BMP to JPG in 9 seconds!

Free to Access, Free To Use


Smallpdf is the most popular PDF software online, with millions of monthly users—who come for urgent needs and stay for the easy-to-use tools. Furthermore, we support a variety of other file formats, such as Office documents. Our converters can turn almost anything into a PDF—and PDFs into editable formats like Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, As well as image formats.

Our tools can be accessed at any time, anywhere, to aid your needs with digital documents. Although you don’t need a “Pro account” to use Smallpdf, having a paid account does come with many additional benefits. For instance, becoming part of our Pro family enables batch processing for you, which means that you can convert multiple BMPs to JPG images at once.

What About Other Image Files?


You can also use our tools to convert other popular image file types to JPG. The process is always the same: Drag & Drop, wait, make any necessary adjustments, and download. The other supported formats are TIFF, PNG, and GIF files. As we run an online PDF software, you can also go back to these tools if you ever need to solve digital document pain points. To get you started, here are a few guides involving images you might find useful:

Smallpdf's Security Measures


We can guarantee that Smallpdf is 100% safe to use. Security has always been a subject of the utmost importance for Smallpdf. As we process millions of files every day, we always make sure to delete them after an hour of processing. Within this hour, you can continue to use our services or download your file. The reliable Amazon Web Services host our servers, and your files are always in a protected environment during the upload, download, and file transfer. To ensure this, we use TLS encryption.

For a more comprehensive guide of how we handle your documents, please check out our Terms and Conditions.

What’s Better To Use? BMP or JPG


Each file type has its own application. It really depends on what it is you need to do with your images. JPG files are compressed. They offer a more compacted size and balanced image quality. Thus, for storage and sharing, JPG is the ideal format. But if you are looking to further process or manipulate your images, you’d better keep them in BMP format. It’s also not recommended to convert images back and forth, between BMP and JPG, as this may lead to a loss in quality.

And that's that. Until next time!

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Senior Growth Marketing Manager @Smallpdf