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Convert PDF to Word on Mac for Free

by Hung Nguyen

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Quickly convert PDF files into editable Word documents on your Macbook for free, online, or offline. No registration is required for the conversion.

PDF is the undisputed king of electronic files; millions of these files are converted and modified on our site every month. They’re light, cannot be edited and are all-around great for both sharing and storage.

In the case where you do need to edit the content of the file, you can convert it to its original format. This guide will demonstrate how you can convert PDF to Word on Mac via Smallpdf - the online platform, as well as the offline app. And yes, free to use, as always.

How to convert PDF to Word on Mac online

  1. Go to the PDF to Word converter online page.

  2. Drag your PDF into the toolbox.

  3. Wait for it to convert to a Word file.

  4. Click download, and you’re good to go.

convert pdf to word mac online

Easy conversion from PDF to Word on Macbook online

Smallpdf is the most popular online software, and aids over 25 million monthly users to convert PDF files to Word. Not only that, we can only save your files to PPT, Excel, and JPG images. With OCR enabled, we also make sure that scanned PDF files will also be transformed appropriately, with all the text extracted for you to edit.

How to convert PDF to Word on Mac offline


The process to take the conversion offline follows pretty much the same procedure, but requires you to have our offline desktop app installed. Although it is not entirely free to use, a trial will activate for a few days, with no usage limitation during this period.

When you have the application windows launched, click ‘PDF to Office’, drag your PDF document into the tool’s window, choose ‘Word’ as the output format and click ‘Convert’ to get started. The converted Microsoft Office file will be saved right next to the original PDF file, ready for viewing and editing.

As said, the tool will allow you to convert to and from multiple file formats, as long as PDF is the input and output. Explore all the options by installing our desktop app below.

convert pdf to word mac offline

Offline Pdf to Word conversion on Mac

Which route should one take?


Whether you opt to convert the file online or offline is entirely up to your preference and needs. Our desktop app offers offline processing, which removes the need to upload files. On the other hand, our website does not require you to install any software. Regardless, the process to convert PDf to Word for Mac is relatively quick and painless, taking only a few seconds to finish.

What else can I do?


After you convert a PDF to Word on Mac, you can freely edit the file as it is in the word processor. Our job is done.

Nonetheless, if you do wish to carry out PDF editing on the file before the conversion takes place, or want to modify the document after you save it in PDF again, there are many functions we offer for you to compress, convert, edit or merge PDF documents. Check them all out on our homepage.

What about non-local files?


For the desktop app, as there is no option to upload files, we can only process those that are locally stored on your computer.

On the contrary, with the online converter, you can import files from Dropbox and Google Drive. Google docs can also be saved as PDF and converted at any time, any place. All that we require is an internet connection.

And other operating systems?


Yes, we can convert PDF to Word on Mac. But as a proud cloud service, you can convert PDFs on Windows, on Linux and even mobile devices. Access Smallpdf instantly from any web browser. With the file limitation of 5GB, we should be able to take on any PDF document, for your needs.

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Content Marketing Manager