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Enhance Document Security with Paperless Systems

by Olivia Baker

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A paperless office can go a long way in promoting and ensuring document safety and security. Ready to find out how?

Risks of Paper Documents


Paper documents are vulnerable to countless threats; they can be misplaced or incorrectly filed, discarded by accident, stolen, or destroyed by fire, flood, or other natural disasters. They’re also at risk of improper storage, where temperature and humidity can damage paper, along with any important information they contain.

Physical documents can also be more likely to fall into the wrong hands. This can result from an innocent mistake, like an employee accidentally leaving files out and revealing potentially sensitive company information to anyone who walks by their desk, or intentional document-sharing.

Benefits of a Paperless Office


Implementing a paperless system eliminates most, if not all, of these risks associated with paper documentation.

Digital documents can be stored on encrypted servers and in multiple locations, leaving virtually no way for them to be lost, destroyed, or tampered—even if by accident. Companies can also have a lot more control over which employees can have full, restricted, or no access to any digital document, through password-protection tools.

These are clear benefits of digital transformation, and they go a long way in supporting business sustainability, not just through mitigating loss, but also by offering a far higher level of document security and preventing information being lost or leaked.

Of course, going paperless doesn’t automatically eliminate risk. Security practices, such as strong passwords and trustworthy file management tools, are needed to make sure sensitive information stays safe. To find out more about this, head to our article on Security Features to Look For When Investing in PDF Software.

Want to start encrypting your digital documents with a password? Check out the Smallpdf Protect PDF tool and be one step closer to secure documentation.

Olivia Baker
Olivia Baker
Content Writer