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How to Convert PDF to Word Online or Offline

by Hung Nguyen

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Two ways to convert your PDF document into an editable Word file for FREE. All text, fonts, and images will be fully retained.

Greetings, Internet users!

Smallpdf is, well, a popular online software. We’re writing a guide to illustrate the few ways on how you can convert a PDF file into an editable Word document, using our online web tool or offline desktop software.

How to Convert PDF to Word Online

  1. Super easy, start by uploading a PDF to the PDF to Word tool.

  2. Choose whether or not you want to activate OCR.

  3. Wait for us to convert your file.

  4. Download your editable Word doc.

How to Convert PDF to Word Tutorial

How to convert your PDF to Word file online, using Smallpdf.

If you upload a scanned document, always opt for the OCR option. We will then activate our Optical Character Recognition technology to scan your text and transform the content of your PDF into an edible Word document. If you simply want to revert a PDF that has been converted from Word, then you can choose the basic conversion option. In case we do not have a font stored in the PDF on our servers, we will try to choose one that matches as close to the original font as possible.

How to Convert PDF to Word Offline


This option is also doable, albeit you will need to have a free trial account to download and install our desktop app. Once signed up, proceed to do the following:

  1. Open the Smallpdf Desktop app.

  2. Click ‘PDF to Office’ and drag and drop a PDF into the right-hand drop area.

  3. Make sure the output format is ‘Word.’

  4. Click the orange ‘Convert File’ to start.

  5. We will now save your PDF as a Word file, next to the original PDF.

Should I Convert Online or Offline?


Whether you wish to conduct the PDF conversion via our website or desktop app depends on your usage preference. The online PDF to Word converter is free for anyone to start using, and has two modes of conversion, as mentioned above. The desktop app does not have access to OCR but removes the need to upload files online.

Either way, if you are a fan of PDF to Word conversion—or is someone looking for a method to ease this common pain point, please consider getting a ‘Pro’ account. Having one will allow you to convert as many PDFs into Word format as you’d like, remove the usage limitation, and boost the upload speed by a whopping 40%.

Other than that, there is not much else to consider. We offer a safe, secure, and efficient platform to convert your PDF to Word at any time, anywhere. There is a dedicated team of 30+ lovely people working on improving our site daily, so please keep checking back for new features and improvement releases!

Convert PDF to Word made Easy

You're not dreaming—how to convert PDF to Word has never been easier!

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Content Marketing Manager