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How to Save One Page of a PDF

by Hung Nguyen

Extract single or multiple pages to a brand new file with Smallpdf. Our online tool is simple, intuitive and free to use for your convenience.

Are you wondering how to save one page of a PDF into its own file? Maybe it's a page from your favorite book or important data from a report that you've read. Well, look no further, as you can quickly conduct this task with our free-to-use Split PDF tool.

Follow the instructions below on how to save one page of a PDF file

  • First, access our Split tool.
  • Upload the file that you want to extract the file to begin.
  • Now, since you want to extract only one page from your PDF file, choose the option to 'Select pages to extract'.
  • Click on the page you want to save, and click 'Split PDF' to start the extraction process.
  • Let Smallpdf work our magic and download the file!
  • Pro Tip 1: If you want to save multiple pages from a PDF, you can do so while on the preview page before extracting them to a new file.
  • Pro Tip 2: If you wish to save multiple pages from multiple PDF files, on the preview page, click 'Add more PDFs' and then choose the pages you wish to save.

In short: Upload PDF > 'Extract pages' > Click on the one page > Click 'Split' > Download

And that's that. How to save one page of a PDF is a simple process and can be done with ease via our online tool. As with any other online services, you can use Smallpdf on any OS (Mac, Windows, Linux), as long as you have an internet connection and a browser to access our website.

However, it doesn't stop here. Check out a few other tools that you can use with your new file.

  • Compress - reduce the size of the extracted single-page PDF.

  • eSign - is this page a contract? Add a digital signature to it.

  • Protect - for confidential information, you can encrypt the page with a password after saving it to a new file.

  • Converter - for if you wanted to save the page as a new file, in a new format. You can convert it to Word, PPT, JPG or Excel - depending on your needs.

I hope Smallpdf could be of help to you with our service. In case you need to save an image from a PDF file as a new file, you can check out our PDF to Image tool instead.

Happy converting!

Hung Nguyen
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