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How to Save One Page of a PDF

by Hung Nguyen

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Extract one single page from a PDF to save as a brand new, single-page file. Simple, intuitive, and free-to-use.

Are you in a tight spot where you need to save one page of a PDF as a new file? Be it a page from your favorite novel or critical notes from a work-related report, look no further. You can immediately manage this task with our free-to-use PDF Splitter, in less than a few clicks.

How do I extract one page from a PDF document?

  1. First, access the PDF Splitter.

  2. Upload the file that you want to extract the file to begin.

  3. Choose the option to 'Select pages to extract'.

  4. Select the page, and then click 'Split PDF' to start the extraction process.

  5. Let Smallpdf work our magic and download the file.


How to save one page of a PDF online for free

Other extraction options:


If you wish to save more than one file as a new PDF, you can select multiple pages within the same mode of the Split tool. The range of pages will be placed in the order you pick them, in the new file. The other option would be to save every single existing page as a single-page PDF. This option is of valuable use in specific situations, i.e., when you want to split 20 images into 20 separate files.

How to save one page of a PDF is a simple process and can be done with ease via our online tool. However, the fun doesn't stop here. Check out a few other tools that you can use with your new file.

  • Compress - reduce the size of the extracted single-page PDF.

  • eSign - got a contract to sign? Generate and add an electronic signature to it.

  • Protect - encrypt the page with a password after saving it to a new file.

  • Converter - convert PDF to Word, PPT, JPG, or Excel.

Where does the original file go?


After you upload the first document to our servers to initiate the extraction process - we will remove it after one hour from our system. During this time, you may continue working with your file through the various tools mentioned. Each time you select save and apply a change, on the result page, our smart algorithm will detect the most suitable tools to show you.

For instance, in the image below, after you have saved one page from a PDF file, you may convert it to Word, edit, or even compress the file to an email-ready size. If the tool you wish to access is not listed, you'd first have to download the new document, then upload it back to one of the 18 tools available via the homepage, as well as every header and footer on the tool pages.


Continue working with your file after the split

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Content Marketing Manager