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Seamless Remote & Paperless Work Environments

by Olivia Baker

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Switching to a paperless office not only enables remote or hybrid work, but ensures that people working from anywhere can collaborate efficiently.

Flexible Paperless Office


As we’ve learned in recent years, companies and employees need to be adaptable, because we never know what’s going to happen!

Taking the paper out of document management means that employees moving from the office to remote work, whether it’s planned ahead or a last-minute necessity, can easily continue to access the documents they need to work on.

It also allows for more freedom through hybrid work, so people can enjoy a variety of work situations or locations throughout the week without having to worry about physical paper documents.

Are There Other Benefits?


Absolutely! With more people working from home, paperless work has lots of added advantages.

Embracing paperless office environments means not only tidier workspaces at the office, but also at home—which is particularly beneficial with many people’s personal living areas doubling up as workspaces, and even on the road.

Paperless solutions also allow for smoother signature requests that save on time, resources and costs. Rather than having to print and post an agreement, then waiting for it to be posted back by the signee, you can simply send an electronic signature request through the online eSign tool. Just like that—a process that would normally take days, can instead be completed in minutes, wherever you’re working from.

What Does This Mean?


By enabling purely digital workflows and removing the physical barriers that paper presents in fluid work locations, digital transformation enhances the potential sustainability of a business, by allowing it to operate entirely online.

This not only means less waste and more cost savings, but the key to a workforce that doesn’t need to travel as much or consume unnecessary company resources. Be sure to check out our article The Economic Benefits of Going Paperless to find out more about this particular advantage of a paperless office.

To get started with a fully functional paperless work environment, you need the right digital solutions. Check out our suite of 20+ tools to help you with all of your document needs, even e-signatures!

Olivia Baker
Olivia Baker
Content Writer