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What Security Features To Look for in PDF Software

by Jen

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The remote classroom places many demands on PDF software, but most overlooked are security features.

Document and information security are important factors when choosing PDF software for schools, teachers, and students in the remote classroom. Ensuring information and documents are safe in the hands of the software provider and that nobody without the right authority will have access to delete or tamper with documents are vital aspects of maintaining a secure remote classroom.

Important Safety & Security Features of PDF Software

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Not all PDF software comes standard with all the security features necessary for a secure document management system within a school environment. It's important to determine which are important for your classroom or school and use this information to gauge which software or tools meet your minimum document security requirements.

Here, we outline some of the standard document security features and accreditations PDF tools should carry.

GDPR Compliance

GDPR (or General Data Protection Regulation) is a European Union (EU) law covering privacy and data protection in the EU and the EEA.

CCPA Compliance

CCPA (or The California Consumer Privacy Act) acts a lot like GDPR, but it's there to protect both the consumer and their privacy rights. CCPA is intended for people living in California, USA.

ISO 27001 Accreditation

ISO 27001 is named after its joint-issuing organization, the International Organization for Standardization. The international standard was released in 2013 and outlines best practices for organizations to manage information security via people, processes, and technology.

SSL Encryption

SSL encryption, or Secure Sockets Layer encryption, is a special protocol for internet servers and browsers to encrypt, decrypt, and authenticate transmitted information.

Digital Signing

Digital signatures are very useful for signing documents, as they come with a level of security (through authentication) that e-signatures do not.

Note: Both e-signatures and digital signatures are legally binding. Check your country's laws for localized regulations related to digital and e-signatures.

Digital Seal

A digital seal, or Advanced Electronic Signature (AES) includes a Long Term Validation (LTV) timestamp. This helps users to authenticate each signature's timestamp and invalidate documents that have been tampered with.

Checking Information & Document Security Requirements

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As teachers and administrative staff prepare to buy document management or PDF software licenses to distribute across schools and classrooms, it's important to invest in software that responds well to the school, district, state, or even federal policies, protocols, and laws around information and document security.

Teaching and administrative staff are encouraged to check in with their school or district about any requirements that should be met when investing in PDF tools for their schools and classrooms.

If your school or classroom is looking for PDF tools that check all the boxes for safety and security, register for a free trial of Smallpdf for Teams today and experience the future of secure document management for education.

Jennifer Rees
UX Writer