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DocuSign vs. 3 Best DocuSign Alternatives

by Hung Nguyen

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We have prepared the ultimate guide to choose the best electronic signing tool for you—whether you decide on DocuSign or the best next alternative. 🖋

DocuSign has been the gold standard for electronic signing for almost two decades, with more than 200 million users from all over the globe. Whether you are an active user, looking for the best DocuSign alternative, or are brand new to the document signing world—thinking of choosing a tool to start, you've stumbled onto the right place.

Many electronic signing services are similar in the user interface, electronic signature creation, and the core feature to sign digital documents.

Thus, instead of nitpicking the nuances and subtle differences across tools (which really can be up to every user and their preferences)—we reached out to many working professionals that sign documents frequently to summarize their digital signing workflow, using their preferred electronic signing solution. Hopefully, our findings should give you a good overview of your ideal eSign tool.

But first, let's start with DocuSign:

DocuSign as an eSigning Tool

  • Slogan: Keep your business moving forward.

  • Monthly traffic: 1,900,000

  • Starting price: $10/month


DocuSign's user interface

According to their website, DocuSign aims to 'accelerate business and simplify life for companies and people worldwide.'

The tool features a drag-and-drop interface for quick document upload. From there, you can create your electronic signatures, request signatures from signers, or create and reuse templates. Check out our guide on how to use DocuSign to get started—if you are looking first to review how the platform works.

We have written a detailed article for you to evaluate DocuSign's pricing.

DocuSign's Greatness—in Helping Businesses To Go Paperless


Stephen Light, CMO of Nolah Mattress, commented on the adoption of DocuSign and how the service helped the company to switch to a more paperless workspace: 'DocuSign is our go-to electronic signing tool for a reason—it is fast, convenient, and easy-to-use.

DocuSign allowed us to save tremendously on ink and paper costs while also reducing the time dedicated for each transaction. We can easily send the document to our clients for them to electronically sign. The best part is that both the receivers or senders don't need to download any application to sign the document, which is excellent for non-techy people.'

Smooth Verification Process


Stanley Tate, the founder of Tate Law, complimented the platform for its excellent verification process, on top of outlining the company's workflow when it comes down to electronic signatures:

'My standard workflow is as follows: 1. Create a document using DocuSign 2. Send the document to the client 3. Give the option to discuss changes 4. Update the document if necessary and send 5. Authenticate identity before getting signature 6. Once verified, I put my own e-Signature. 7. Create backups of the document

DocuSign has the best identity verification process. From basic processes ranging from email, SMS, and phone verifications to advanced ID verification processes, DocuSign ensures the authenticity of signatures. They have the technology to verify government IDs. The only thing that's missing in DocuSign is the UI. I feel this is something they can improve upon. Also, it is a bit pricey when compared to other options.'

Strong Brand Presence


Sometimes, the brand name can solely carry a product. 'DocuSign' itself as a search term has more than a million searches on Google every month.

Lenore Tsakanikas, attorney and founder of Tsakanikas Law—commented on their smooth decision-making process, simply due to DocuSign being a strong player in the industry: 'I instantly jumped into using DocuSign for my electronic signature-needs because of how many other professionals I know that are using it. Honestly, I didn't do much research or price comparisons because dozens of people in my network are using DocuSign, and I trust their choices. For the most part, all of them are more tech-savvy than I am, so I took that as a positive recommendation for DocuSign.

I like getting used to a tool without constantly changing, and I believe DocuSign will be around for many years and, since they are successful, they won't constantly change their platform.'

Why People Leave DocuSign


Luke Smith, founder of We Buy Property in Kentucky, summarized why they're switching from the tech giant: 'We use DocuSign, but we're switching to a new service provider, being ReSimpli.

DocuSign's price for the service is no longer justified. They limit the number of documents one can send. Technically, the document is an email, so it costs practically nothing to send by DocuSign. Nevertheless, they track the number of sends and try to charge more if you need to exceed that figure based on your plan.'

DocuSign Alternative 1: Smallpdf

  • Slogan: We make PDF easy.

  • Monthly traffic: 40,000,000

  • Starting price: Free


The best free DocuSign alternative: Smallpdf

We are the most popular online PDF software, with 20+ tools to convert, edit, and of course, eSign documents.

Our dedicated team has been hard at work to evolve our platform into the ultimate base to start and finish your work with digital documents. The eSign tool allows you to seamlessly collect or sign your files for free.

Vinay Amin, CEO of Eu Natural, praised the easy-to-use drag and drop functionality—featured on all of our online tools: 'The most important aspects of eSigning a document are speed and simplicity. The drop and sign feature offered by Smallpdf means I can get my documents signed in literally thirty seconds without any extra hassle. Normally, I create my documents, fill in the required information, double-check the final document, save it, then open Smallpdf with the chrome extension add-on. It couldn't be simpler.'

How To Use Smallpdf, the Best DocuSign Free Alternative

  1. Head straight to our eSign tool.

  2. Drag and drop your document into the toolbox.

  3. Create a signature from scratch or upload one to sign your document.

  4. Otherwise, request a recipient to sign your document.

  5. Download your file once it's ready. For sign requests, we'll send you the download link via email.


The best free DocuSign alternative in action

The tool itself is free for you to use. There is no need to create an account, free trial, or download software to create your digital signature.

We cater to 100,000 companies across the globe, from small businesses and NGOs to large enterprises. Our online electronic signature software's free plan also allows you to track recipient activities, import google docs, bulk sending (to request signatures), and mobile device support. Thus, you can use the tool wherever you are, on your PC, phone, or tablet.

If you sign up for our Smallpdf Pro signature service, we will also enable digital sealing (aka audit trails) and store signatures you create for a smoother workflow. On top of that, via the 'Documents’—you can access stored reusable templates to enable a quick and straightforward signing process.

DocuSign Alternative 2: SignEasy

  • Slogan: The easiest way for businesses to eSign documents

  • Monthly traffic: 12,400

  • Starting price: $20/month


SignEasy's mobile app—a DocuSign alternative

About SignEasy


SignEasy is a cloud-based, mobile-first eSignature solution to electronically sign and fill documents from smartphones, tablets, and the web. Heavy users include those in real estate, legal, insurance, human resources, and logistics from over 180 countries.

Chris Taylor, marketing director at ProfitGuru, enjoyed how they can use the tool on the go: ‘In spite of the fact that SignEasy can clearly be utilized from your office or domestic computer, it appears to have channeled a part of exertion into making it versatile prepared. It's cloud-based—so can be gotten to on the go—and the versatile encounter for phones and tablets is exceptionally shrewdly laid out.

Something else, it has numerous of the same highlights as the over e-signature administrations, but there's a genuine center on straightforwardness (as the title recommends). You'll be able to explain signature boxes so that it's gem clear who has to sign and how. And if you discover that the same kind of records has to be electronically marked over and over once more, at that point, it's simple to set up layouts for reuse.'

Alternative DocuSign Perks: Automation + Integrations


Will Ward, CEO of Translation Equipment HQ, detailed his speedy electronic signing flow, which combines SignEasy with a workflow automation tool: 'I use a software called Frevvo to automate the e-signing workflow. Our standard workflow starts with a form. The filled form results in the creation of a document that's ready for signing. I verify the details and put in my e-signature. It is then forwarded to the employee or client. There is the option to keep track of the status of the document. If there's a delay, I give reminders. Once they sign, I get an email notification.'

He further complemented SignEasy's reminder option, a standard feature for most DocuSign and related software: 'The option to send reminders in case the signature is not done on time is a great feature. This is super useful as it's tiring to send individual emails or messages every time someone delays the process. Another feature I love is the integration it provides with Gmail and Google Drive. It is so easy to do the signing within these commonly used apps.'

DocuSign Alternative 3: PandaDoc

  • Slogan: Beyond eSignature: Document automation for fast-moving teams

  • Monthly traffic: 243,000

  • Starting price: Free


One popular DocuSign alternative: PandaDoc

A free DocuSign alternative, business teams use PandaDoc to improve deal workflows, insights, and speed while delivering an amazing buying experience for their customers. Businesses trust PandaDoc's all-in-one document automation software to streamline the process to create, approve, and eSign proposals, quotes, and contracts.

Content Library and Automation Workflows


PandaDoc is a win when it comes to its UX. Dave Nilsson, the founder of ConvertedClick, said: "PandaDoc is great for managing contracts and documents. What I particularly like about it is the smooth interface and easy integration with CRM and file-storage apps.

E-signature comes as an added advantage to features like the content library and automated workflows. The best thing is that PandaDoc effortlessly adds a professional touch to my documents.

PandaDoc delivers more features at a competitive price. I've used DocuSign and switched to PandaDoc as it offers a better ease of set-up, quality support, and easy to integrate into my workflow.

There are no hassles involved. The UX is easily understandable, and that makes the cut for me.'

And regarding their electronic signing workflow, he stated: 'Our standard e-signing process starts with an authentication check. This is important because I have to be sure if the person signing is the sole owner of that identity. Authentication can be in the form of a phone number or email verification. The documents are analyzed, and if everything fits the bill, the identity is approved.'

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Content Marketing Manager