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How Can Going Paperless Benefit Customer Experience?

by Olivia Baker

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Digital transformation and customer experience go hand in hand. Continue reading to discover what this really means and why you should go paperless.

Digital Customers


Digital transformation is at the forefront of changing—and improving—customer experience, but it’s also true that customers are a powerful driving force behind digital transformation.

Customers spend more and more time online and expect companies to be there as well, with relevant content and options to meet their needs anywhere they are, at any time, and on any device they’re using. That means that businesses need to embrace technology to keep up with their customers. By leveraging technology, businesses can enhance their communication channels and create personalized experiences for their customers. This not only helps in building strong customer relationships but also enables companies to stay competitive in today's digital landscape.

Putting the customer front and center is a company value in most businesses already, but adding a digital approach can bring not only happier customers, but higher profits.

Digital Transformation for Customer Experience


Companies that embrace digital transformation create higher engagement among their customers compared with companies that are slow to adopt digital transformation. This SuperOffice article How Customer Experience Drives Digital Transformation notes that companies embracing digital transformation create a higher level of engagement with customers. Most importantlythese are customers that:

  • are 600% more likely to try out a new product or service from their preferred brand.
  • are 400% more likely to refer the brand to their friends and colleagues.
  • are 200% more likely to purchase their preferred brand’s products, even if the competitor has a better product or price.
  • buy 90% more frequently.
  • spend 60% more per purchase.
  • have 300% the annual value of the average customer.

An MIT study on digital transformation also found that companies that embrace digital transformation are 26% more profitable than their peers and competitors.

This demonstrates the power of digital transformation, not only in lowering costs and waste associated with traditional business processes but also in increasing customer satisfaction. As we all know, a solid level of customer satisfaction supports the overall longevity of business and builds resilience in the face of an ever-changing commercial environment.

Going paperless clearly benefits companies, so what are you waiting for? Begin your digital transformation right here, right now, with Smallpdf. It’s much easier than it may sound and you’ve seen the stats—it’s worth it.

Olivia Baker
Olivia Baker
Content Writer