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How To Edit a PDF on a Mac Guide

by Hung Nguyen

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Everything you’ll need to add text, fill forms, or even edit and convert your PDFs for free, on any Macbook, for free.

You’re looking for how to edit your PDF, right?

Well, whether you need to edit or add actual content on a PDF document or modify its file itself (convert, merge, split, etc.)—we’ve got you covered with our own PDF Editor. First, let’s take a look at how to add text, images, and fill forms.

How To Edit a PDF on a Mac for Free:

  1. Open up our online PDF Editor.

  2. Upload your PDF via drag and drop.

  3. Wait for the form to load on the next page.

  4. Click on a field to fill (if it’s a form). Otherwise, the top menu bar has various options for you to add or highlight text, draw, or add images onto the PDF.

  5. Once finished, click ‘Download’ to save your file.


Edit PDFs with ease with our PDF Editor.

Smallpdf offers the best of the best for free. If you have a PDF form with pre-created text boxes, you can click on the appropriate box and simply start typing away.

From the view menu, there is also a selection of shapes for you to add—should you need them. Once you add images onto the document, you can also edit images’ sizes and positions on the PDF as you wish.

And lastly, you can always upload edited PDFs back to this tool if you need to further edit your file. Regular PDF readers (such as the Preview app that comes on every Macbook) should also permit you to delete text added previously, as well. If you are looking for a new PDF reader, check out our new and improved desktop app!

With our PDF Editor, you can edit PDF files on any Macbook anytime, anywhere. As it’s a web-based tool, the only requirement is a working internet connection.

How Can I Edit the Formatting of My PDF?


We have a collection of tools for you to modify PDFs as you please. On the top right-hand corner, click on the multicolored icon, which should present a selection of tools you can use to edit your PDF further on your Mac.


Change your file's format from our PDF Editor.

If you do not need to add text/images onto your PDF on your Mac, you can head straight to the desired tool via our homepage. With Smallpdf, you can:

  • convert files to and from the PDF format

  • compress PDFs

  • merge, split, rotate, or delete pages from PDFs

  • protect or unlock PDFs

  • sign PDFs with your own electronic signature

As you’ve seen, to speed up your PDF editing process—Smallpdf tools are usually connected from one to another. For instance, once you edit a PDF, you can compress it to a smaller size before converting it to a different format, such as a JPG image.

We’re always working on improving our current offerings. Hopefully, we should soon offer the tools to redact, add markups, or whatever that you need to create the perfect PDF document. If you have a specific request, please contact our support team or give us a shoutout on Twitter—we always welcome user suggestions, so don’t be shy.

How To Edit the Existing Text of a PDF on a Mac


PDF is a universal format that is aimed mostly for viewing. Thus, PDF readers usually do not offer the option to edit the existing content, primarily written text, on PDF files.

However, suppose you do need to adapt the existing content of your PDF. In that case, you can freely use our PDF Converter tool to switch your PDF into an appropriate format for text editing, whether it’s a Word, PPT, or Excel document. To do so:

  1. Go to the PDF Converter.

  2. Upload your PDF document.

  3. Choose the output format.

  4. Convert your file and download your document.

Every Mac computer should come with free editing software for any of the available output formats shown above. For instance, say you were to convert a PDF to a Word document, you can use Mac’s Pages app to edit the text-based document. Hence, you won’t need to have a paid Microsoft 365 subscription to edit your Office file.

Likewise, you can you Numbers to edit Excel spreadsheets and Keynote for PPT slides. Once you finish editing these files, you can either save them back to their original format or as an Apple native format, e.g., as a Pages file.

And that should bring you up to speed with every use case you might need to edit a PDF on a Mac computer successfully (or any operating system, really—as Smallpdf is a browser-based platform).

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Content Marketing Manager