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How To Send a PDF Document

by Akemi

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Learn how to convert document to PDF and share it with others by email or with a shareable link.

Ever in doubt about how to share a document with your colleagues, friends or family?

If it's not a document where other people should make changes, the golden rule is simple: always give preference to PDF documents.

Why? You ask.

Well, because PDFs are not naturally editable. This helps prevent unauthorized people from altering the content of your document without your consent.

Another very important reason is that PDFs are usually much lighter than other formats, which saves the recipient time when downloading the file.

Very well, so how do I convert a document to a PDF? It's very simple, just follow the step-by-step below!

How to convert document to PDF and send it

  1. Go to our PDF Converter.
  2. Drag and drop your Word, Excel or PowerPoint document into the indicated area.
  3. Smallpdf will start the conversion immediately. Wait a few seconds.
  4. When the process is over, click on the envelope icon to send the file by email.
  5. OR click on the chain icon to generate a shareable link.

If you prefer to download your document to review it before sending it, just press the 'Download' button to save it to your computer.

After checking that everything is perfect, you can return to Smallpdf to send it by e-mail or to create a shareable link.

How To Send a PDF Document

  1. Go to our Share Documents tool.

  2. Drag your PDF to the indicated area or click "Choose file" to select it in your computer folder.

  3. Then, just click on the envelope to send it by email or on the chain to generate a shareable link.

2023-11-21 - How To Collaborate and Share Documents - Share Document

¿Cómo enviar un documento PDF?

Smallpdf will make your file available for 14 days so that recipients can have enough time to open it with the link.

Converting the PDF Back To Its Original Format


If you change your mind and decide that the person who received the document should be able to make changes, there are two options.

👉 You can send them the original document in Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

👉 They can use one of our converters to convert it back.

In this case, you can choose PDF to Word, PDF to Excel or PDF to PowerPoint. The procedure is the same: just select the file, put it in the tool and wait to download. It's that simple.

Storage of Documents in Smallpdf ☁️


If you have a Smallpdf account, your documents are well kept in our storage system.

This way, you can easily do conversions, compressions or other procedures directly on our platform. You can also share your files directly in the storage window.

If you want, of course, you also have the option to delete the files if you prefer to have them permanently deleted from our servers.

Everything for your convenience!

Akemi - Marketing Smallpdf
Digital Marketing Specialist