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How to Use Smallpdf PDF Tools Online

by Hung Nguyen

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A how-to guide on how to use Smallpdf to convert, compress, or edit PDFs via a simple drag and drop - for free.

Greetings visitors,

Whether you're new to our site, a lurking user, or a loyal Pro user, you're here for a reason associated with the PDF format.

And whether you need to reduce the size of a PDF, reconstruct it to its native format, or vex a third-party for an e-signature, we've got just the tool for your needs. Most Smallpdf online tools follow the same procedure, which comprises of a one-click upload, instant conversion, and another click to download. We'll break the process down below for you.

How do you use Smallpdf?

  1. Drag a file into the colored toolbox.

  2. Most tools should start working on the file right away.

  3. For some tools, further optimization options may be available.

  4. Download the converted doc to your local drive.

2023-03-29 - PDF to Text

For example - how to use Smallpdf to convert PDF to Word.

What can Smallpdf do, though?


We've accumulated north of 25 million monthly users in the last six years or so. The very first function that was released is the 'Compress PDF' tool, - hence, the self-titled brand name. Over the years, we've fully optimized our conversion quality to maintain your data and format to the fullest, whilst pushing its file size further down. A 'compress harder' option is also available, to shrink annoyingly bulky PDFs down to the last few KBs.

And then there are the converters. Smallpdf touts over a handful of tools to convert to and from the PDF format, from Microsoft Office and image files. Correction tools such as Edit, eSign, Merge, and Split also exists, to appease your daily needs with digital documents. Check out our Starter Guide for more information and some handy tips!

2023-03-30 - Sample PDF—Download Free Test PDF - All Tools

All 18, glorious PDF tools for you to use.

Is Smallpdf safe for me to use?


Aside from our astonishingly fast site, accurate conversion speed, our leading USP is due to the fact that Smallpdf is safe to use.

From the instant you upload a document to our servers to when you download it, military-grade SSL encryption is adopted to ensure that your files are in a safe and secure environment. Materials are removed after 60 minutes from our servers. Even for the Edit tool, where we allow up to 24 hours of continuous editing for each document, the final version will also be removed after one hour, from the moment you click 'Apply Edits'.

Smallpdf caters to large B2B and governmental clients, where file upload may not be feasible, due to regulatory reasons. As such, we have built an offline, Smallpdf Desktop app from scratch, for you to overcome this predicament. Feature similar drag-and-drop processing, you can quickly do all the things you usually would with your PDF, sans the tedious uploads. A complimentary PDF reader is also included for your viewing needs; now available in black. ;)


10+ PDF tools, one offline application.

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Senior Growth Marketing Manager @Smallpdf