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Online Contract Signing Tool for Anyone To Use

by Hung Nguyen

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Use the Smallpdf eSign service to create a free electronic signature and sign your new contract. You can also request others to sign a contract.

Got a new job? Congrats! Found a new home? Hurray. Or are you finalizing a sales contract?

Either way, using our free online service, you can sign any contract as you’d like—with your own electronic signature.

How To Sign a Contract Online for Free

  1. Go to our eSign tool, upload the contract.

  2. Click ‘Create Signature’ to make your signature.

  3. Place the signature onto the document.

  4. Add your name in print, the date and time, as needed.

  5. Click ‘Finish and Sign’ and download your signed contract.


Sign contracts online using Smallpdf.

In doing so, you’re signing your contract with an electronic signature.

If your contract is not already in PDF format, please save it to this format first. We have a free-to-use online document converter for you to do so, from Microsoft Office or image formats. If you want to sign Google Docs, save them as PDFs from the document itself, before you sign documents online using our service—in PDF format.

While you have the contract opened, feel free to review the content, and add text where needed—there is no time limit to long how you can keep the preview mode on with our tool.

How To Request a Signature for a Contract


When you find yourself on the other side of the contract signing process, you can use the same tool to request other parties’ signatures.

The flow is similar, but rather than creating a signature to sign a contract; you can add singers and start a signature request. Plus, you can also place signature fields to make it easy for singers to know where to insert their names and signatures.

We will then send the signer an email with a link to open up the contract withing our eSign tool, and they can proceed to create a signature and sign the document.

The signer will always have free access to our online contract singer to get the job done. Once they complete, we will send an email confirmation to all parties involved—with a download link for both parties to download the final contract.


Request another party to sign a contract online—all you need is their email.

Create Legally Binding Signatures for Your Contracts


The legality of electronic signatures depends on your state legislation, and sometimes, it even varies locally. From our side, however, we do offer digital sealing for all Smallpdf members with a paid subscription.

Once you create a digital signature by Smallpdf, you (and anyone else) can verify the signatures and check whether it’s changed since signing.

For paid Pro users, once you create an electronic signature, we will also save up to two different versions within our eSign service, to streamlining the process of signing PDFs for you. If you are not currently on a paid subscription, a free two-week trial is always available for you to experience Smallpdf in its full capacity.

We hope you do find our contract signing tool useful. Remember, since it’s an online service, you can sign documents anytime, anywhere—be it on your PC, mobile device, or tablet. We wish you the best of luck with your new job, your new home, or that you close deals more quickly than ever with our aid!

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Senior Growth Marketing Manager