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Save as PDF - Save Files in PDF Format Online Free

by Hung Nguyen

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Smallpdf allows you to save various file types as PDF for free, simply drag and drop the file into our tool!

Smallpdf is the internet's most popular web-based PDF software. You can use over 21tools to Save PDFs from various file types, such as Word, PPT, Excel, and images. Join 30+ million monthly users to power up your digital document management game today!

How to Save a File as a PDF Online

  1. First, drag and drop your file into the PDF Converter.

  2. Wait for the tool to process your file.

  3. Download your PDF document.

  4. You can also export it to Google Drive or Dropbox.


Save files to PDF format in four short seconds.

Currently, the tool accepts most files from Microsoft Office, as well as an array of image files, such as JPG, BMP, TIFF, and GIF.

If you wish to save the file back to its original format, you can head back to the PDF converter, drop the PDF in, and pick the appropriate output format.

Why Save Files as PDF


The PDF format has been loved and embraced by many—both individuals and businesses since it’s initial release back in the 90s. The key reasons for using PDFs are:

Ease of use

Once a file is saved as a PDF, it can be viewed on almost any device across any operating system, with its format retained in compact size.

Data Security

Files saved as a PDF can not be altered without leaving an electronic footprint. Electronic signatures can also be used to validate documents and you can even lock your file with a password.

It’s Here to Stay!

The widespread use of PDF as a file format is perpetual, even as technology continues to grow at a rapid rate, due to its ability to allow simplified, efficient and secured access to users across different platforms. Likewise, Smallpdf free services for our users to conveniently save their files in this format.

Save Files as PDFs On-the-Go


If you work on your mobile device frequently, feel free to check out the free Smallpdf Mobile App. WIth it, you can freely view, modify, and of course, convert files to PDF format.

We’ll also sync documents saved as PDF to our online storage system (for Pro users)—for a centralized document management space. Thus, whether you switch from your mobile phone to PC or tablets, the files will always be available for your needs.

What to Do Next


PDFs are customisable, in accordance to your needs. We have created over 21 different tools in which you can further make use of your new PDF. Some of them are:

Best of all, our tools are free to use online. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our support team!

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Content Marketing Manager