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How To Use eSign’s Activity Tracking Feature

by Jen

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Once you’ve sent out a signature request to one or multiple people, the real work of keeping track of the signatures begins.

It’s simple enough to sign a document and send it out to other people to sign it, but what happens after that? To keep all the document signees on track and check in on document activity whenever it suits you, the eSign tool from Smallpdf has built-in document tracking with an activity timeline.

How To Use the eSign Activity Timeline

Once you’ve signed the document and/or invited signees to sign the PDF, you’ll be able to view the details of the document, including the status and the signees involved, on the right-hand panel.


Next, simply click on the "Activity" toggle and you’ll have an overview of the document activity right from when you first worked with it. Nifty, right?!


Not only does this handy feature help you keep track of all your document activity, but it also adds a measure of safety and security for you and your signees, so you know exactly who received and signed your document. More power to you!


Any time you want to come back to review the document activity, simply click back on the document and view the activity timeline. Keeping track of signatures and document activity has never been easier. And what’s more, you can look out for even more handy activity tracking features coming soon!

Ready to get started with the world’s simplest e-signing tool? Let’s go!

Jennifer Rees
UX Writer