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Paperless Office Solutions With eSign

by Olivia Baker

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Interested in the benefits of electronic signatures and how Smallpdf eSign can boost your sustainable technology solutions? Find out more here!

Benefits of eSign for Employees & Businesses


When you’re moving your business into the digital space and thus become more and more paperless, you’ll see a variety of benefits both in process efficiency and cost reduction. The same applies to adopting e-signing as standard document signing practice. Compared to traditional wet signatures, electronic signing has shown its worth in many ways.

It helps businesses and teams work faster and more efficiently. Imagine how quick and simple it is to sign documents when they don’t have to be printed out, scanned, and filed away in an overflowing filing cabinet.

Apart from this, signing electronically also has major impacts with regards to security and easy retrievability. When using our online eSign tool, the document for signing doesn’t need to go through multiple hands to get from one person to the other, but goes straight from one user’s account to another’s email. Once the signing is done, both parties can save the signed document to their respective devices, and there’s no chance of it getting lost in the mail or that Narnia-like filing cabinet. Digital files are also not at risk from coffee stains, rips, or any other form of impairment or destruction. When stored smartly, you can search for files by keywords and thus save yourself time and energy.

Paperless office solutions like eSign also create a healthier, more connected document ecosystem that supports the wider business. Check out another article in our Sustainability series, Seamless Remote & Paperless Work Environments, for more insights on this!

eSign as a Sustainable Technology Solution


Using electronic signatures not only improves efficiency and usability, but it also promotes sustainability on both a business and wider environmental level. The benefits of e-signing that support sustainability include:

  • Cost savings
  • Time savings
  • Concluding deals and contracts faster
  • Easy and safe storage
  • Secure, time-stamped signatures
  • Quick retrievability for document trails and audits
  • Quick and easy sharing and access
  • Customizable accessibility
  • Environmentally considerate (no heavy machinery, stationery supplies, energy consumption, or physical storage space)

Regardless of locality, be it in-office, remote, or in a hybrid setting, e-signing is a crucial aspect of digital transformation that not only enables employees to work from anywhere, but also enhances productivity and streamlines document management processes companywide.

What do you think? Do you want to take the first step towards sustainable practices and signatures right now with Smallpdf? Try it out and discover how eSign can help your business!

Olivia Baker
Olivia Baker
Content Writer