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PNG to PDF – How and Why to do it

by Janina Kivinen

Convert PNG, BMP, TIFF, GIF and JPEG files to PDFs online for free with Smallpdf’s free image converter.

How do you convert PNG to PDF?

Using Smallpdf’s free JPG to PDF tool of course! Despite its name, it works with PNGs and multiple image file types.   On top of that, you can also customize your PDF image file:

  • A4, US letter size or automated size to adjust to your image file size
  • Landscape or portrait mode
  • Small/big or no margins
  • Fully supports converting .png, .tiff, .jpg, .bmp and .gif files to PDFs
  • Add as many images to be merged into the PDF as you want

Access the Smallpdf tool here.

Why convert PNGs to PDFs?

Converting your images to PDFs is a great option for various reasons:

First of all, PDF is a universal file type which is viewable on nearly all electronic devices.

Secondly, PDFs are very safe to use. Unlike most image file types, PDF files can easily be password protected with secure encryption. This way, only the people who have the password can open the file and are able to access the images; be sure to check out our Protect PDF tool to do this the easy way ;-)

See for yourself how easy converting images to PDFs can be!

Should you have any questions, please contact our support team!

Happy converting! :-)

Janina Kivinen
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