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5 Tips to Request a Signature Effectively

by Jen

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Even with the best e-signing and digital signing tools out there, it can sometimes be challenging to get those requested signatures in on time.

Across all industries around the world, e-signing is the foundation of agreements, which means it's really what keeps businesses, schools, and organizations running smoothly. That’s why it’s so important not only to get the signatures you need on a document, but to get them on time. We’ve put together a couple of tips for you to request digital and electronic signatures most effectively.

Let the Signee Know What To Expect

A signee is least likely to open, let alone sign, a document they’re not expecting. Make sure, whether it’s on a video call, email, or via Slack, that you give the signee a heads up on what document to expect from you and why they need to sign it.

Send the Sign Request in a Timely Manner

Sometimes we can’t help having to send a signature request that’s urgent. It happens! But whenever you can, make sure you send your sign requests on time. Leave yourself enough time for any extra admin you may need to do on your side. It’ll minimize stress, too, and who doesn’t need that?

Set Clear Expectations for When You Need the Document Signed

It isn’t fun receiving a signature request and not knowing how long you have to review the contents and sign the document. As far as possible, make sure you add a clear due date to the signature request before you send it and everyone will be happier. Smallpdf’s eSign tool comes with a handy message window for you to add your own personalized note. Use this to your advantage and note down the due date!

Supply Clear Instructions With the Signature Request

This is closely linked to having a due date attached to a signature request. You can use the same feature in the Smallpdf eSign tool to leave any instructions for the signee to follow before they get down to signing. This could include reviewing the contents of the document, initialing certain paragraphs, or adding their own text or highlights to the document. With eSign, you can even show signees where you want them to sign, so there's no room for error.

Make Sure You Have the Right E-Signing Tool

If the tool you use is ineffective, chances are your signing experience will be much the same. Make sure you invest in the right e-signing tool and the overall signing experience for everyone involved will be that much better. Make sure the tool you use checks all the boxes for your needs, complies with relevant safety and security standards, and can offer you support when you need it most.

If you’re looking for a secure e-signing tool that’s easy for both you and your signees to use, look no further. Check out Smallpdf’s eSign tool and start signing right away.

Jennifer Rees
UX Writer