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Convert PNG to JPG Online for Free

by Hung Nguyen

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Even with the abundance of image formats out there, PNG and JPG both triumph as the two most popular image formats. PNG files accommodate every individual pixel in your photos, making them high-quality but also quite large images. JPGs, on the other hand, are compressed images, which is the go-to option for file sharing. With our handy file converters, you can quickly change PNG to JPG images in a few clicks.

How To Convert PNG to JPG Images Online

  1. Drag the PNG in, and first create a PDF.

  2. Click on “Export As” and choose “Image.”

  3. Choose “Convert entire pages.”

  4. All done—download your new JPG image.

2023-08-21 - Convert PNG to JPG Online for Free

How to convert PNG to JPG online tutorial

At Smallpdf, the PDF format is the key to success. All of our conversions use this format as a bridge to help you get things done. As you can see above, turning a PNG into a JPG is no different: You first convert the PNG to the Portable Document Format (PDF) and then save it again to a JPG.

The Best Compression Algorithm Online


Smallpdf is an expert on many things, but our first core function was file compression—it’s in the name. We eliminate repetitive patterns and thereby reduce the file size of your images to the smallest possible size while maintaining the highest quality. Other elements, such as your PNG images’ transparent background and color palettes, will be kept as close to their original form as possible.

You can upload and share the lossy compressed images that come out from the JPG converter online with ease. It’s also a great format for storing these images on devices with limited storage capacities, such as older mobile devices or tablets. If the JPG file is still not small enough, we suggest compressing it further using the PDF compression tool while the file is in PDF format before saving it as a JPEG image. Two modes of compression are available, basic and strong.

2023-08-21 - Convert PNG to JPG Online for Free - Compression rate

Compress images further (while in PDF mode)



PNG was created as an alternative to the popular image format GIF and supports transparency within images. Photos, which are now widely created via mobile devices, are typically saved as PNG. That means that they can take up quite a bit of space—be it on your mobile, your PC, or your cloud storage. On the other hand, JPG is similar to PDF in the sense that it was created to reduce the size of your files so that you can share them more easily.

We Make PNG & JPG Easy


There are a handful of other image formats that Smallpdf supports, including GIF, TIFF, and even BMP images. The method to convert these images to JPG or PDF follows the same fashion—first save to PDF and then to JPG. There are many bonus options available to you while a file is in the PDF format that let you split, merge, rotate, and even annotate it.

While you’re here, check out the 20+ tools that we’ve introduced over the years. Some of these include:

So, why not check out the full tool list via the footer at the bottom of this page and test them out yourself? They’re all free to use online without an account!

Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Senior Growth Marketing Manager @Smallpdf